10 Facts About Gerard Butler's Private Life

The well-known actor has a thrilling story of the path to success. A handsome, gorgeous, sincere actor was deemed to be an A-list Hollywood performer, even though his on-screen career had started when he was thirty.

Gerard Butler | indiatoday.in
Gerard Butler | indiatoday.in

1. Musical experience

The actor sang in the band. This experience helped him to work on the musical roles, which made him widely popular.

2. The actor has a degree in law

As a boy, he was passionate about the cinematography. Nevertheless, he followed his mother's advice and entered the top university in Glasgow. Here he studied law and did it bona fide. The young man graduated from university with an honors degree.

3. Legal issues

An excellent education didn't miss him to make the party. Thus the actor even was arrested numerous times due to his wild parties. His legal issues turned against his career as a solicitor. He was fired from a law firm due to his behavior at the festival.

4. His turning point

At the age of thirty, the actor decided to move to LA and pursue a career in acting. During two years, he got minor roles, and then finally, he played the first professional role, which brought him fame and recognition.

5. Relationship with father

His parents separated and then divorced. As a result, Gerard didn't know his father until he was 16. At the age of 16, his father invited him to the restaurant. This meeting was very emotional. The son and the father became friends and kept a warm relationship until his father's death.

6. The surfing accident

In 2011 he was involved in the surfing accident. That time he stared at the movie "Chasing Mavericks." A huge wave hit the actor and threw him on the rocks. The jet ski pilot found him and took him to the hospital.

7. The addictions of painkillers

Despite Gerard's hadn't any addictions, he decided to pass medical treatment due to his regular use of painkillers.

8. The rescuer not only on screen

The actor put on risk his life several times. Once, he saved a drowning child from a river. He also crawled under the burning car with a fire extinguisher.

9. Love affairs

The actor stayed unmarried. He said that he hadn't met his woman yet. Nevertheless, the actor was linked to several women. He has long-term and on-and-off relationship with Morgan Brown. It reported that the couple split at the beginning of 2019. But a couple of months later, they were spotted together.

10. Achievements

The actor gathered a vast fortune. His net worth is more than $30 million. He divided his life between Glasgow and Los Angeles. The actor always has had good physic and athletic body, but that wasn't enough to appear on "300". He spent a month in the gym to play a Spartan King.

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