10 Amazing Facts About Modeling Career Of Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski – is a model, an actress, and a beauty with a perfect body. Here are 10 amazing facts to tell you more about the career of a sex symbol who also is a smart woman, protecting the women rights.

Emily Ratajkowski | yahoo.com
Emily Ratajkowski | yahoo.com

1. The start

Emily started modeling quite early: at the age of 14, she signed her first contract with an agent and later with Ford modeling agency. A young girl attracted the attention of numerous agencies as she has a perfect body.

2. Parents' opinion

Although her mother didn’t want Emily to become a model, because she thought her daughter was too young for it, her parents were liberal and had their own opinion about the beauty in general. They taught Emily that it is wonderful to have a perfect figure. She was learned not to be ashamed and feel comfortable about it.

3. First movies

The first role that Emily got when she was young was Elsa in The Little Match Girl. After that, she continued to attend auditions and became an actress. She starred in movies like Gone Girl as Ben Affleck’s character’s mistress and many more movies that brought her big success and fame.

4. Movie career

After starring in the movie Gone Girl, Emily began to receive many offers. She appeared in Entourage, the movie based on the popular HBO series. She also was given her first lead role in We Are Your Friends. Later, she performed in the mini-series, The Spoils Before Dying.

5. Acting in a video

The peak of her career was starring in the Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines video clip. The model became highly popular on the international level after that. She got offers for acting roles, modeling shootings and starring in commercials.

6. Social media

After the incredible success of the clip, Emily's popularity has risen in social media as well. She was called a social media queen after creating her Instagram account with the nickname "Emrata." Among her modeling photos, there are many pictures of her parents, who, according to her words, supported her throughout her career.

7. Feminism

Despite the fact that Emily has a lot of bikini photos and, in general, most of her photos are almost bare, the model has proved to be a smart woman. She calls herself a strong feminist. The gorgeous model has her own point of view: she stands for the idea that women should accept their uniqueness and beauty.

8. Magazines

Being a sought after model, Emily has been photographed for many magazine covers. For example, Esquire named her Woman of the Year in 2013. Rolling Stone called her one of the 20 Hottest Sex Symbols and FHM named her the model the 4th Sexiest Woman in the World.

9. Modeling

In 2015, Emily made her modeling debut for Marc Jacobs at the New York Fashion Week finale. This appearance contributed to her number-one listing among Vogue's 12 Breakout Beauty Stars of 2015. For fall and winter 2016 fashions, she performed on the podium during the Paris Fashion Week runway for Miu Miu. Emily wanted to inspire women to break barriers in modeling: she said that not only high growth models could be successful.

10. Priorities

A 28-year old model decided to make modeling a priority in her life. She is happy to do acting and to star in movies, but she is dreaming about really good movie parts. She considers herself a professional model first.

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