10 Little Known Facts About Kylie Jenner Before Fame

How does it feel – to be the richest youngest person? Perhaps, only Kylie Jenner knows it! From childhood, the girl has been living the high life. However, we collected 10 facts about the before fame life of the celebrity.

Kylie Jenner | vox.com
Kylie Jenner | vox.com

1. To be or not to be

The supermodel admits that she is thankful to her parents to have the life she has now. Kylie enjoys it to the fullest and takes everything she can from it.

2. About the popularity

Although, sometimes it is not so easy as it seems – to be always seen in public. Kylie has been frank about not wanting to be popular. The famous model shared her true attitude to early fame: it was quite challenging to filming in Keeping Up With The Kardashians from the age of nine. She doesn't know what it's like to live a normal life, as most teenagers live: where people don't know who you are.


The celebrity got an education at the private Sierra Canyon School. She got her high school diploma at Lauren Springs High School in 2015. After that, she continued her studies at home.

4. Photos from the past

To tell the truth, Kylie has not always been so perfect, if we speak about her appearance. Like every teenager, she had some bad photos from her period in adolescence. She was not so confident during the photo sessions. But time goes, and no doubt, the result is startling.

5. A scar

Jenner had an accident when she was young, which ended with a large scar on her leg. At the age of 5, she was playing hide-and-seek with her sister, and she got a cut when she was climbing over the gate.

6. Speaking in public

It seems that people who are always in public have no fear while speaking and giving interviews. However, Kylie remembers a ridiculous moment when she messed up the words during a school presentation.

7. Family

The model is absolutely happy to have supportive people around her. Jenner loves all her big family and says that having sisters is the best. Kylie noted that she has a different relationship with each of her sisters: she can get fashion advice from Kim, discuss boys with Khloé and she can be honest and sincere with Kourtney.

8. The reaction of others

The media queen has also stated that in her childhood, she had been bullied quite often. The beautiful woman got used to any kind of critics, and it helped her to behave at present, when she gets some negative comments on Instagram or Twitter.

9. If Kylie wasn't a social media personality

Kylie is most famous for her fantastic makeup. Almost every girl wants to look like her. Jenner said that she would have become a makeup artist if she had another life. She adores doing makeup to her friends and relatives.

10. Her aim

The gorgeous media celebrity says that her goal is to be an inspiration for young girls and women to be beautiful. Moreover, with the big success of her businesses, she is an excellent example of a really successful woman.

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