10 Little Known Facts About Irina Shayk

Irina is an internationally recognized model, who is best known for her collaborations with numerous brands and designers. As a lingerie model, she got tremendous success and various accolades.

Besides, Irina is a highly demanded media personality who steadily appears on the number of TV shows, music videos, and even movies. The industry icon is also well-known for her love affairs with celebrities. What else don't we know about the model?

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1. Path to success

The model gained recognition after her appearance on the cover of the famous magazine as a lingerie model. Soon she became a highly demanded model and got offer after offer to appear on the cover of international magazines.

2. An industry Icon

The model has a reputation as one of the most beautiful women on Earth. The various rankings and magazines called her an Industry icon. Besides, Irina got the title of the sexiest woman in the world.

3. The roots and childhood

Irina owes her unique physique to her roots. Her father is a Tatar, and her mother is Russian. The model inherited a look from her father, who was dark-skinned. Due to her dark skin, many people called her South American. When she was fourteen, her father, a coal miner, died, and she and her mother stayed with little money. That's why Irina's mother had to struggle to live from hand to mouth.

4. The education

After her graduation from high school, the future model studied marketing but then decided to attend a beauty school. The local model agency immediately spotted her, later she won the beauty contest and became Miss Chelyabinsk.

5. A lingerie model

In 2007 her career started taking off, as Irina became the face of the Intimmissimi. Three years later, she was made an ambassador of the brand.

6. Her surname

Her surname – Shaykhlislamov - is Tatar, which means "Islamic scholar."

7. Philanthropy

The model helped the maternity hospital in her hometown. She works with Russian charity organizations to help sick children.

8. Pose nude? – No way!

Even though she is a lingerie model, Irina stated that she would never pose for Playboy. "Yes, I am a lingerie model, but I have class. Playboy offered me so much money last year. I was like: 'No Way.'

9. Her secrets of beauty

The model claims that she has never kept diets. Instead, she works out to stay fit. She goes to the gym five times a week. Besides, she said that the model tried to be happy and healthy as the inside showed the outside.

10. Life

Currently, the model divides her life between Europe and New York. She grows up her daughter Lea De Seine Cooper and seems absolutely happy. Among her boyfriends were Bradley Cooper and Cristiano Ronaldo. She is 33 years old, the model has not been married, but whole life ahead.

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