10 Little Known Facts About Kaia Gerber

Kaia Gerber is an American model; she is just 18 years old but already has a huge success! Her parents are also famous models: Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford. Let’s look at some facts about the young beauty:

Kaia Gerber | glamour.com
Kaia Gerber | glamour.com

1. Kaia was photographed by another model, Kendall Jenner

Nowadays, most people have several occupations; for instance, models can also work as photographers. In 2017, Kendall Jenner was behind the camera to shoot Gerber for the cover of the Love magazine.

2. She was a part of the first Young Versace Campaign

At the age of ten, Gerber worked with Versace and was the new face of a junior fashion line. Her mother, Cindy Crawford, was very happy for daughter; she worked with Versace in her youth too. That is no surprise that Kaia started her model career early because she grew up in that fashion world, thanks to her mom.

3. Kaia posed with her mother for the Vogue Paris

In spring 2016, for the first time, these family members appeared together on the cover of Vogue thanks to the photographer Mario Testino. Everyone was charmed: Kaia looks exactly like a young Cindy. Although they work in the same sphere, Gerber wrote in her essay for Vogue that Crawford always knew how to keep home separated from work, and for that, her daughter was grateful.

4. She and her mom are not the only models in their family

Not only her parents used to have a model career. Kaia also has an older brother, Presley Gerber, who made his runway debut in Los Angeles in June 2016. Besides, Presley works as a photographer and shot her sister, not one time. The siblings are rather close: Presley even made a tattoo on his arm in 2018. It has Kaia’s name and the number XXIII, which might refer to her debut for Chanel on January 23, 2018.

5. Gerber’s family has a tradition

In Kaia’s family, everyone likes to dress up, and they have a tradition of annual costume parties, for which every member prepares well. Once, Gerber was Neo from the hit sci-fi film The Matrix (1999), and that year, on Halloween, she was wearing black hair, a white towel robe, and a floral headdress.

6. On her 18th birthday, Kaia wore her mother’s look

On September 3, 2019, Gerber celebrated her birthday at the Paradise Club, and guests were supposed to come dressed in the burlesque-themed costumes. The birthday girl was wearing an outfit that Cindy Crawford had at the MTV Video Music Awards in 1992. The leather dress was made by Versace.

7. Kaia’s role model is not Cindy

Every person in the world needs someone as their role model, to whom they can look up. Of course, Cindy is one of Gerber's role models, and she learned a lot from her mother. However, there is someone else… And that is Karlie Kloss! Vogue Paris called her one of the “top 30 models of the 2000s”. Gerber and Kloss are actually nice friends, and Kaia says that she looks up not to just someone’s work but mostly to who they are.

8. She adores the ‘70s style

The model was born in 2001, but she dresses up like she is from the 1970s. Kaia likes to wear chockers and high-waisted jeans; vintage fashion is her favorite one. Maybe she buys all that stuff in flea markets?

9. Gerber is also a designer

Kaia has already worked with Marc Jacobs as a model: she appeared in his campaigns and 2017, became the face of Marc Jacobs Beauty. In 2019, Gerber collaborated with Jacobs on her first bag design. She created a new handbag, and her main inspiration was the 1970s patches, of course.

10. She is a hair color chameleon

We all sometimes want to change our image but not always do that. Kaia demonstrates her self-confidence, and she is not afraid to change her hairstyle whenever she wants. Her color has been brunette, blonde, light brown, and she has had long and bob, curly, and straight hair. Gerber encourages everyone to change their style if they want to!

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