10 Little Known Facts About Ryan Gosling

This Canadian actor has won the hearts of millions of fans all other the world. There are, nonetheless, little known facts about Ryan Gosling, which you may be interested to hear.

Ryan Gosling | celebvogue.com
Ryan Gosling | celebvogue.com

1. Ryan Gosling was not always the favorite of the public.

During his school years, Ryan was heavily bullied and didn’t have any friends until the age of 14. Childhood was not the time of silly fun and numerous adventures with friends for this guy!

2. Gosling is not only an actor but also a musician.

Ryan Gosling has recorded a solo project and an album together with his friend Zach Shields. Their duo, Dead Man’s Bones, performed in the style of indie-rock.

3. To this day, Gosling remembers his favorite pet.

Ryan had a mixed-breed dog, George, which he loved immensely. After it passed away in 2016 at the age of 17, Ryan mourned the dog as his best friend. He still wears his dog’s name tag as a necklace and tells tear-jerking stories about their bonding.

4. Gosling is an animal-rights activist and philanthropist.

Ryan has worked with PETA on their campaign to urge KFC and McDonalds to switch onto more ethical methods of animal slaughter. Gosling also visited African countries and volunteered to help with many charity projects, trying to raise awareness of crime and genocide problems in some areas of Africa.

5. Apparently, Ryan is a jack-of-all-trades.

On the set of Drive, Ryan decided to build the car in which he was supposed to drive around himself. The director of the movie said he was surprised to see Gosling succeed in this complicated process. Now this car has become legendary, but few people have known that Gosling made it with his own hands.

6. Apart from being a recognized actor and a musician, Ryan is also a director.

The year 2014 was marked for Gosling as the year of his debut as a director. Ryan shot the movie Lost River which even got on the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. After all, he truly is a versatile man.

7. Ryan Gosling has a tattoo that he made himself.

This man seems to be self-sufficient in all aspects of his life. When he had a sudden idea to get a tattoo, he eventually decided to do it himself. Instead of a monster’s hand, Ryan’s tattoo turned out to be some sort of a cactus. Nevertheless, at least he did it himself.

8. Besides all his talents, Ryan Gosling also can knit.

In one interview, Gosling admitted that he finds knitting therapeutic and that he is quite good at it, knitting his friends presents.

9. Ryan Gosling is interested in space exploration.

Gosling is a massive supporter of space exploration, he reposts NASA's Twits about their astronauts' latest achievement and hopes that he lives to see a human stepping foot on Mars.

10. Gosling changed Eva Mendes’ mind about having children.

The couple now has two cute kids, but before meeting Ryan, Eva Mendes did not even consider having kids. I guess no one can resist this handsome Canadian.

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