10 Curious Facts About Personal Life Of Cameron Diaz

The famous actress Cameron Diaz has a life that is full of exciting moments beginning from the start of her career. Here are 10 curious facts about the beautiful actress, that will let you know more about her personal life.

Leonardo DiCaprio | cosmo.ru
Leonardo DiCaprio | cosmo.ru

1. Parents

Cameron was raised in a happy family. According to Diaz, they were not very rich, but she recalls only good moments. Her parents were not connected to acting. But, when she became a famous actress, Diaz was excited to invite her father to appear in her movie There's Something About Mary.

2. Nickname

Diaz studied in the same school as Snoop Dogg. As a child, her friends nicknamed her 'Skeletor,' because she was very skinny. She was also popular for her charming smile and positive energy during her school years.

3. Adulthood

When Cameron was 16 years old, she decided to leave home to see the world. She has spent five years traveling and seeing different places. She has visited Japan, Australia, Mexico, Morocco, and France. The actress said it helped to widen her vision and know more about other people’s lives.

4. First steps to fame

At the age of 17, Cameron took part in her first photo session, and her photo was placed on the cover of Seventeen magazine. It was her first time working as a model. After traveling, she was offered a role in the movie "The Mask". The most interesting fact is that Diaz hasn’t starred in movies before. She began to study acting only after being given the role. This movie made her very popular and, she started her career as an actress on the big screen.

5. Men

The beautiful woman wasn't always serious about the marriage. She just enjoyed being in relationships. From 1990 to 1995, she lived with video producer Carlos De La Torre. Cameron dated singer and actor Justin Timberlake for nearly four years. In 2011, she was dating New York Yankees player Alex Rodriguez. She has also been together with actor Matt Dillon, and actor and musician Jared Leto. At present, the actress is married to musician Benji Madden, whom she loves and appreciates.

6. Extreme and fun

Cameron has always been fond of doing extreme sports. She had no fears while doing some crazy things. In 2003, the actress broke her nose in a surfing accident in Hawaii. Diaz had a nose job in 2006 for medical reasons after suffering a surfing accident three years earlier.

7. Attitude to social media

It may sound strange, but Cameron tries to stay off social media. She has made a successful career in movies. She also is the author of several books about the body. Now she isn’t interested in sharing every detail of her life with people. She thinks it violates personal boundaries and makes her feel uncomfortable.

8. TV show

In 2005, the actress took a break from making movies. She started her work to produce and appear in an MTV reality show called Trippin. Cameron became interested in conservation and ecology. She traveled across the world with some of her fellow celebrity friends. Together they discussed important issues concerning ecology. Four years later, Diaz appeared in a short video with Marie Claire magazine editor Lucy Kaylin. They also were driving across the country, asking people where their water comes from. They wanted to remind people about the importance of the right water consuming.

9. About motherhood

Cameron had a role in the movie What to Expect When You Are Expecting, but the actress was calm about having children. She thinks it's the women’s choice to be a mother or not to be. As of now, being in relationships with her husband, she is planning to have a child. The couple has thoughts about the adoption.

10. Earnings

In 2003, Cameron became only the third actress to have earned $20 million for a single role, after appearing in the movie Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. In 2013, she became the highest-paid actress over 40 in Hollywood. At present, Cameron is semi-retired from acting. The actress stepped away from the spotlight to spend more time with her husband.

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