10 Interesting Facts About Chance The Rapper

The three-time Grammy winner, Chance the Rapper is young, popular, and loved by millions. However, even most devoted fans will find some facts below fresh and juicy.

Chance The Rapper | stereogum.com
Chance The Rapper | stereogum.com
  1. The 26-year-old rapper can boast a remarkable net worth: it exceeded $33 million in 2019. Considering that he entered the hip-hop industry only in 2012, the result is more than impressive.
  2. Rumors had it the musician used to have suicidal thoughts. The discussion began on Twitter, although the initial source of the misinformation remains unknown. The situation got so tense that Chance the Rapper created a new thread, starting with “I’m getting this crazy feeling that people want me to kill myself”. The man denied all the speculations; the post is deleted now.
  3. Evil tongues might have invented the theory after the album The Big Day (2019). The disc received mixed reviews from critics and fans; some of them believed the musician’s new project did not sound as polish and neat as previous 10 Day (2010) and Acid Rap (2013).
  4. Streaming music is the rapper’s trademark. The third collection Coloring Book debuted as number eight at US Billboard 200 – it was the first time a streaming-only album achieved such a result in the chart.
  5. Chance the Rapper is famous for his collaboration with Kanye West. However, he is closely connected with another hip-hop old-timer, Common. When the former was a young boy, his grandma asked her neighbor, Common, for a few words of inspiration. The musicians met years later, and Chance the Rapper surprised his colleague with his sincere, powerful music.
  6. The artist is an active philanthropist and cares much about his home city, Chicago. For instance, he donated $1 million to city schools and also helped them with fundraising.
  7. Chance the Rapper could have been a politician and bureaucrat – or, at least, that was his father’s dream. Ken Williams-Bennett is known for his work at Barack Obama’s and Rahm Emanuel’s offices.
  8. Luxurious cars and half-naked girls might be the first association with rappers. However, Chance the Rapper is a family man who does not welcome such attributes; he loves his wife, Kirsten Corley, and kids.
  9. The couple’s relationship was not always running smoothly: they separated at some moment and had a court dispute over the custody to get engaged in summer 2018.
  10. The wedding ceremony took place in the Pelican Hill Resort; Kim Kardashian and the rapper’s long-time friend Kanye West were present.

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