10 Exciting Facts About Cardi B

Cardi B is a super popular musician whose songs regularly appear on Billboard and sell like hotcakes. The celebrity never ceases to wonder fans. You will find some interesting facts about her below.

Cardi B | mtv.com
Cardi B | mtv.com
  1. As a teenager, the would-be rapper worked part-time in a supermarket to collect some money.
  2. When she got hired as a stripper in a nightclub, the young woman told her mother she worked as a babysitter.
  3. Of course, there are no bad jobs, especially when it comes to survival matters, but a three-year-old video provoked a public outcry in spring 2019. The woman confessed she drugged and men and stole their money at that period; she emphasized later she was not feeling good about it; rather, she had to do it because of “very limited options”.
  4. Vegetarianism and dieting are immensely popular today, but not everyone agrees with that. Cardi B loves fast food and frequently shares her passion about it on her social network pages. However, when the singer got pregnant with her daughter, she tried to control her eating habits and eat healthier food.
  5. In August 2019, Cardi B showed a luxurious car collection belonging to Offset and herself: a Lamborghini, a black Maybach, a Porsche, and so on. Nevertheless, the owner of the posh vehicles cannot actually drive: she has no license.
  6. More than 8 million people follow the star on Twitter, and the number of fans on Instagram is even more striking: 55.5 million. Still, Cardi B confessed in one of her interviews: “I can’t believe they love...me?”
  7. The rapper has many icons: Madonna, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift. The latter congratulated her colleague when the single “Bodak Yellow” came out, sending her a bouquet. One can only imagine Cardi B’s happiness at the moment.
  8. The celebrity’s exotic dancing talent is also recognized. The actress Jennifer Lopez invited her to the movie Hustlers (2019), and it was the right choice: despite only a few minutes on the screen, the newfound actress looked natural and convincing. Moreover, the former stripper gave her stage partners a couple of lessons on pole dancing, and her song “Money” was a soundtrack.
  9. When the cheating scandal with Offset broke out, the woman preferred the way of forgiveness. She told reporters she believed in second chances and truly loved her husband.
  10. Annie Leibovitz took a picture of Cardi B and her daughter, Kulture Kiari, for Vogue’s cover. The issue will be released in January 2020.

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