10 Interesting Facts About Javier Bardem

He is the outstanding actor who achieved world fame playing in English and Spanish movies. Let’s find out the most interesting details of his professional as well as personal life.

Javier Bardem | magazin.lufthansa.com
Javier Bardem | magazin.lufthansa.com

1. Family business

For the Bardems, acting proved to be a family business. Thus his mother was an actress, while his father was a businessman. His parents divorced soon after his birth, and Javier’s mother raised him alone. Besides his mother, Javier’s grandmother and grandfather were actors as well as his uncle. His older brother and sister became actors too.

2. Sport and painting

Javier could have made a career as an athlete. As a teenager, Javier displayed impressive athletic skills. He played for the national team in rugby. Even though he was raised in an environment full of actors, te young Javier didn’t see himself on the screen. Besides sports activities, he was good at painting. That’s why the young man decided to get an education in the field of art. In student years, he needed the money and decided on acting jobs. Later he found that his skills in the painting weren’t so excellent and made a decision to abandon that career.

3. Work as a stripper

Fist years, he had to struggle with his career. Trying to make money, the actor confessed that he worked as an exotic dancer, even though he did it only one day.

4. Acting career

Having been raised in the family of actors as a child, Javier spent much his time on sets. The six-year-old boy made his debut appearance in the movie “El Pícaro (The Scoundrel).” Steadily his career began to go off. In 1997 his acting talent was spotted in the English-speaking world. He received the role of the American producer John Malkovich in 1997. However, the actor had to reject due to poor English. Later his fane grew, and he finally appeared on Malkovich’s picture. People remembered him for perfect playing villainous characters.

5. The highest honors

The actor received the Academy Award for his supporting role in brother’s Koen movie. In the movie “No Country for Old Men,” he outstandingly portrayed the psychopathic assassin. He also received accolades for his roles in Spanish and Hollywood pictures, among them “Skyfall” and “Vicky Cristina Barcelona.”

6. Environmental activism

In 2018 his collaboration with Greenpeace started. He stepped out and collaborated in the question of protection of Antarctica.

7. Personal life

The actor fell in love with his co-star Penélope Cruz in 2007. Three years later, the couple married. They prefer to keep a low social profile and not to talk about his relationship. They have got a son and a daughter.

8. Work with his wife

The actor worked with his wife on the set and remembered that experience in a positive way. He said, “I find it very easy. In a sense that we play what we are supposed to play and then we go back to our daily life which is way more interesting than any fiction. And it is real”.

9. Appearance

He has got a perfect physique and natural manners what was repeatedly recognized by the critics as well as the public. Thus he was included in the list “100 Sexist Stars” by the British magazine in 2007.

10. Friends

Javier’s career allowed him to make good friends. Thus he keeps a friendly relationship with Josh Brolin and Tom Cruise.

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