10 Exciting Facts About Lucy Liu

The star of Why Women Kill is probably one of the most talented people in show business: there is hardly any art form she cannot master. If you are not fascinated by Lucy Liu’s charm, the facts below will definitely make you fall in love with her.

Lucy Liu | womenandhollywood.com
Lucy Liu | womenandhollywood.com
  1. As a student, Lucy auditioned for a supportive role in a university theater performance Alice in Wonderland. However, its creators were so mesmerized by the 19-year-old actress they gave her the leading part.
  2. Charity and education are essential parts of Liu’s activities. For instance, she helped the Lee National Denim Day raise money and spread information about breast cancer; the woman visited several developing countries. She is a proponent of LGBT people’s rights as well.
  3. Speaking of the LGBT support, the actress has made it visible in her canvases. Lucy is a talented painter and presented a series of erotic paintings, some of which pictured lesbians in a bed or each other’s arms.
  4. The woman uses the pseudonym “Yu Ling” for her paintings and sculptures. One can see them online on the artist’s website or offline at the National Museum of Singapore; exhibitions are also held all over the world.
  5. The 2000s hit Charlie’s Angels brought Lucy many fans but less money than some of her colleagues. While her colleague Cameron Diaz gained $20 million for her role, Liu received five times less.
  6. The celebrity is a polyglot: she is fluent in six languages. Mandarin Chinese is her native, for it was the only language in the family; living in the United States required a profound knowledge of English. Besides, Lucy speaks French, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.
  7. Lucy Liu can boast many prestigious prizes: MTV Movie Award, Teen Choice Awards, New York Women in Film & Television Muse Award. The TV series Ally McBeal gave her Screen Actors Guild Award back in 1998.
  8. One of the most famous Asian actresses, Liu collaborated with another Asian star, Jackie Chan, in Shanghai Noon (2000) and Kung Fu Panda (2008).
  9. The artist grew up in a Buddhist family, but she does not seem to belong to any religious group. She stands for the freedom of faith and often emphasizes in her interviews that imposing any stigmas is wrong. Lucy is fond of meditations and likes spiritual practices.
  10. Lucy has a son, Rockwell Lloyd, born from a surrogate mother in 2015. She shared her happiness with journalists and confessed that she was too passionate about her career that failed to notice the time pass by.

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