Porsha Williams Takes Her Little Daughter To Her First Shooting

First and foremost, our congratulations to the newly born caring mother Porsha Williams. It is hard to ‘suspect’ a successful TV reality show actress of too many maternal instincts.

Yet, Porsha Williams has turned out to be a natural mother!

To add to Porsha being quite flourishing during her pregnancy, she now looks fresh as daisy, too. Surprising as it may seem, since her infant Pilar has just turned one month old.

What is even more curious is Porsha’s active life pace: she manages to combine her long-awaited motherhood with career.

And includes her daughter into the entire process. We have just learnt that the baby has her own Instagram account where recently ‘she herself’ has posted a video.

In this video, she is sitting in a car seat – on their way to a professional photoshoot! Pilar’s Mom said that it is her daughter’s first photoshoot, in earnest.

Unfortunately, we cannot yet observe the face of the little baby: due to the fact Porsha is still hiding it from the public eye. But let us believe the celebrity who claims her baby girl to be the sweetest princess on Earth.

In the Instagram account of Porsha’s daughter, you can find a short video that we have already mentioned and a caption as well saying, “Headed to my first photoshoot wish me luck! I wanna out slay my Momma.”

Probably, we happen to know one of the reasons. One of the reasons why Porsha Williams, the star of the popular Real Housewives of Atlanta show, turns out so masterful in her care and upbringing of the daughter. The thing is that she was never reluctant to helping her own Mom with her younger sister and therefore spent quite a while with little Lauren.

So, we wish Porsha to stay as affectionate and energetic as she is now – and a great multi-tasker. Looking forward to new shoots of little Pilar.

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