Russell Wilson's $140 million Deal With Seahawks

The outstanding American football player has earned some celebrating: a record-breaking deal with the Seattle Seahawks gives him a hefty paycheck and makes him the highest paid player in the NFL.

The path to Russell's success is peppered with hard and talented work. When he was 4, he started playing football with his dad. Later Wilson successfully played for North Carolina State and took his first record: he was the first freshman quarterback who received all-ACC first team honors at NC State.

He also played college football for the University of Wisconsin and led the team to a Big Ten Title. In 2012 his professional career started when he was selected by the Seattle Seahawks.

The contract extension with the Seattle Seahawks has extremely favorable terms to the player:

  1. The new contract will run through the 2023 year and this extension will bring him $140 million or about $35 million per season.
  2. Wilson will get a massive $65 million signing bonus (which also sets a record, according to ESPN.)
  3. The deal comes with a no-trade clause, $107 million is guaranteed money.

Russel's emotions are rather predictable: the player is overjoyed. This news was too good to keep to himself, as he shared it with his fans in the early morning hours on April 16. “Hey, Seattle. We have a deal,” the quarterback said, while he was cuddling with his wife in bed, and added, “I’ma see y’all in the morning. It’s time for y’all to go to bed.”

His wife, Ciara, shared his sentiment, after getting a full night’s rest. “Soooo proud of my love, she tweeted. “So excited Seattle is home! God is so good. The hardest working man I know! You inspire me so much! #GoHawks”

Russel's sporting achievements give the fans a reason to be happy too:

  1. Russell has thrown 69 touchdown passes since 2017 (the most in the NFL, according to the league’s Twitter.)
  2. He recorded 75 wins as a starting quarterback in his first seven seasons (most in NFL history)
  3. He ended the 2018-19 season with a 100.3 passer rating, the second-highest of all time.

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