John F. Kennedy’s Grandson Is In Love With Kendall Jenner

What could be more promising than the union of the two most famous and wealthy families of America?

The Kennedy dynasty, close to the royal family, was always in the center of attention, but everything changed with the rise of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Now it is one of the most popular and influential families of America.

In an interview for the famous magazine “Vogue”, Kim Kardashian told about an incredible love story with sparkling eyes.

The story about the son of Caroline Kennedy, Jack Schlossberg who fell in love with her half-sister — Kendall Jenner.

John Schlossberg graduated from Prestigious Yale and studied at Harvard Law School. He also worked at the US State Department and was his mother's assistant when she was the ambassador of America to Japan. After John’s uncle died in a plane crash in 1999, the young man is considered the only descendant of the US President.

John is going to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather and work in the political sphere. As for his appearance — John looks exactly like his uncle John F. Kennedy Jr.

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Finally got man bun!

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As for Kendall, despite the fact that Kendall in a relationship with NBA star Ben Simmons, Kim would not mind organizing a date with single Kennedy. The main reason is Kim’s love for Jacqueline Kennedy — America’s cult figure and the murdered President’s wife.

Also, Kim admitted that she participated in an anonymous auction, in which she bought a clock for Jackie Kennedy for the maximum amount. She put this watch on at a meeting with the Donald Trump in the White House.

Looks like Kim is really crazy about Jackie.

She is eager to see Kendall as John's bride, because he is a wealthy young man who has achieved a lot, despite his young age.

But what does Kendall think about it? Unfortunately it remains a mystery.

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