Donald Sterling

photo Donald Sterling
Name: Donald Sterling ( Donald Tokowitz )
Born: April 26, 1934
Age: 89 years old
Birthplace: Chicago, USA
Occupation: businessman
Relationship Status: married
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    Donald Sterling: biography

    He is a skilled businessman who built a prominent corporation and is known for his controversial behavior. Though his conduct shouldn’t be an excellent example of morals and ethnicity, he proved to be a successful and prolific entrepreneur.

    Childhood and youth

    He was born on the 26th of April in 1934 in the family of Ashkenazi Jewish. Since his early years, Donald displayed bright individuality and was excelled at school. He became a class president and attended the classes of gymnastics. As to higher education, he successfully graduated in 1956.

    Donald Sterling
    Donald Sterling

    Legal and real estate career

    His career began after graduation from the university when the young lawyer decided to practice law in the sphere of divorces and personal injury. He also practices law in real estate. When his work began giving substantial benefits, Donald decided to invest money. He purchased buildings. His most significant investment was purchasing Lesser Towers, which later was called Sterling International Towers. In 2019 Ramona Shelburne released a podcast, revealing his bio, rise to power and fall of shame. His wife gave comments of aftermath for her husband.

    Donald Sterling
    Donald Sterling

    Actually, he is happy now, though he had to sell the team.

    He said, “You know, I had to sell the team, but I feel like I fell off a tree and I landed on a pile of gold”.

    NBA ownership

    He expanded the sphere of his interest in sport upon the suggestion. Donald purchased the franchise on the struggling clippers in 1981. He contributed much to make the team a reliable contender. Donald launched the whole marketing campaign and embarked on several ads. However, his team had to meet difficulties on the ground and had several tough seasons in 1991-1992.

    Donald Sterling: slumlord billionaire
    Donald Sterling: slumlord billionaire

    His ownership of the team lasted from 1981 to 2014. During this period, the businessman was fined several times. Once he decided to move the team from San Diego to Los Angeles, this act attracted the fine of $25 million, but later it was reduced after the businessman sued the NBA.

    Sexual harassment lawsuits

    The businessman was sued several times. His management consultant blamed him for offering sex for money and engaging him to recruit sexual partners for him. The other worked sued him for “offensive and unwanted physical conduct.” But her claims occurred to be false.

    Besides harassment, the businessman gained notoriety after his offensive racial comments. His private conversation with his mistress, who was his girlfriend, was published in 2014 when the businessman criticized his mistress for making a photo with the famous and prominent athlete, Magic Johnson.

    Donald Sterling's disgraceful racist rant
    Donald Sterling's disgraceful racist rant

    The businessman expressed his anxiety about the fact that his mistress could sleep with black. He warned his mistress not to bring the game in his games. When this conversation was published, a flurry of criticism had fallen on Donald. The players of his team expressed disaffection and decided to boycott several games. Many political figures and sports commentators called this comment very offensive and said. Several sponsors withdrew the sponsorship. He was banned from the league, entering the team’s facilities and attending the NBA games. He had to pay $2.5 million as a fine and got a lifetime ban, as the commissioner Adam Silver reported. His wife managed to sell the team for $2 million.

    After spreading the news, the whole drama burnt in the team. Later the businessman gave an interview to Anderson Cooper. Donald said that he felt that he was baited to make racial comments. Besides, Barbara Walters invited him to a meeting, but he backed.

    Personal life

    When he married, the attorney decided to change his surname, as he found that his original name is difficult for pronunciation. He believed that these changes would help him to find new clients and to gain significant benefit for his career.

    Donald Sterling goes shopping with younger woman
    Donald Sterling goes shopping with younger woman

    He was married in 1955. This marriage brought him three children. His marriage almost broke up in 2015 when his wife kicked out Donald due to his arguing with his mistress. Nonetheless, he and his wife managed to settle all their differences. In 2012 Donald was diagnosed with prostate cancer and developing Alzheimer’s disease.

    He also had a relationship aside from his wife. His long-term girlfriend signed the contract protecting him from palimony. After their split, they sued and reached the confidential settlement.

    Donald Sterling abused son
    Donald Sterling abused son

    Despite all fines, Donald is a very influential and successful person who created a prolific business. His big corporation helped him to gather colossal fortune. His net worth is estimated at $3.8 billion. He and his wife formed a charitable foundation, which gave $120,000 annually.

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