Hank Green

Name: Hank Green ( William Henry Green II )
Born: May 05, 1980
Age: 43 years old
Height: 6 Feet
Occupation: entrepreneur, educator, vlogger and content creator
Relationship Status: married
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  • Horoscope: Taurus
  • Net worth: $12 000 000
  • Nationality: American
  • Fathers name: Mike Green
  • Mothers name: Sydney Green
  • Education: Winter Park High School; Eckerd College; University of Montana
  • Weight: 70.0
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Eye color: Brown
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    Hank Green: biography

    Hank Green is an American entrepreneur, educator, vlogger and content creator. Hank is best known for his involvement in various educational and entertainment projects, particularly through his YouTube channels. Hank Green is widely recognized for his involvement in producing the immensely popular YouTube channel, VlogBrothers, which he co-founded alongside his older brother, acclaimed author John Green. Together, they have created a dynamic platform that has captivated audiences around the world.

    Childhood and youth

    Hank Green, whose full name is William Henry Green II, was born on May 5, 1980, in Birmingham, Alabama. He grew up in a supportive and intellectually stimulating environment. Hank's father, Mike Green, worked as a lawyer, while his mother, Sydney Green, was involved in various community projects.

    During his childhood and youth, Hank developed a deep curiosity for learning and exploration. He displayed an early interest in science and technology, often conducting experiments and tinkering with gadgets. This passion for discovery laid the foundation for his future endeavors in science communication.

    In 1998, Hank Green completed his high school education, graduating from Winter Park High School.There, he actively participated in extracurricular activities and developed his talents in writing and performing. Hank's creative abilities led him to pursue a degree in biochemistry at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida.

    Young Hank Green with his family
    Young Hank Green with his family / Instagram

    Throughout his college years, Hank continued to explore his diverse interests. He became involved in the local music scene and played in a band called "The Bonte Hounds." Additionally, he developed a strong affinity for environmental issues and started engaging in environmental activism.

    After completing his undergraduate studies, Hank briefly worked as a freelance web designer before co-founding EcoGeek, a website dedicated to exploring the intersection of technology and environmental sustainability. He also studied Environmental studies at the University of Montana.

    Hank's childhood and youth experiences, filled with curiosity, creativity, and a passion for science, laid the groundwork for his future achievements as an entrepreneur, educator, and influential content creator in the online sphere.

    YouTube career

    Hank Green's vlogging career began with the founding of the VlogBrothers YouTube channel alongside his brother John Green. The channel, established in 2007, introduced a unique concept where the brothers communicated solely through video blogs, posting a new video every weekday. This innovative approach quickly attracted a dedicated fanbase and launched Hank into the world of vlogging.

    Hank's vlogs on the VlogBrothers channel cover a wide range of topics, showcasing his personality, wit, and passion for knowledge. He shares his thoughts, insights, and experiences, often addressing current events, science, literature, and social issues. Hank's ability to blend humor, intelligence, and genuine curiosity makes his vlogs both entertaining and informative.

    The VlogBrothers channel, with its engaging content, has fostered a strong sense of community among viewers, known as Nerdfighteria. Through their vlogs, Hank and John have encouraged their audience to embrace intellectual curiosity, promote empathy, and participate in charitable endeavors.

    Hank's vlogging career also extends beyond VlogBrothers. He utilizes his platform to share his environmental activism, promoting sustainable living and raising awareness about climate change. Additionally, Hank has collaborated with other creators, engaging in collaborative vlogs, interviews, and projects that further expand his reach and impact.

    Throughout his vlogging career, Hank Green has demonstrated his ability to connect with viewers, inspire learning, and advocate for positive change. His vlogs have not only entertained and educated millions but have also contributed to the growth of online communities centered around shared interests and a desire for intellectual engagement.


    While Hank Green is primarily known for his YouTube career and online content creation, he has also ventured into the world of podcasts. Here are a couple of notable podcast projects associated with Hank Green:

    "Dear Hank & John": Hank co-hosts this popular podcast with his brother John Green. Inspired by their VlogBrothers videos, the podcast features the brothers answering questions, providing dubious advice, and engaging in humorous and insightful discussions. The topics covered range from life advice and pop culture to existential ponderings. The witty banter and unique chemistry between the brothers make "Dear Hank & John" an entertaining and enjoyable podcast for fans and newcomers alike.

    Hank Green
    Hank Green / Instagram

    "The Anthropocene Reviewed": In this podcast, Hank Green explores various aspects of human life and rates them on a five-star scale. Each episode focuses on different topics, including historical events, scientific phenomena, cultural artifacts, and more. Hank delves into the profound and mundane, offering his personal perspectives and insights. With a thoughtful and reflective approach, "The Anthropocene Reviewed" presents an introspective exploration of our modern world.

    Both podcasts have garnered a dedicated following, thanks to Hank Green's engaging storytelling style and ability to connect with listeners. They provide a platform for Hank to showcase his intellectual curiosity, humor, and thought-provoking insights, further extending his reach and impact beyond his YouTube channels.

    Personal life

    Hank Green is known for being relatively private about his personal life, but here's some information available. Hank married his longtime girlfriend, Katherine Green (née Pourmal), in 2006. In 2016, Hank and Katherine welcomed their first child, Orin Green. Hank occasionally shares glimpses of his family life on social media but generally keeps their personal matters out of the public eye.

    Apart from his family life, Hank is known for his passion for environmental and social causes. He has been actively involved in initiatives related to sustainability, climate change, and education. Hank's dedication to these causes is evident in his work as a content creator, author, and entrepreneur, where he strives to make a positive impact through education and raising awareness.

    In 2006, Hank Green received a diagnosis of ulcerative colitis, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease that can cause discomfort and other symptoms. Additionally, during his childhood, Hank was diagnosed with a learning disorder, which he speculates may likely be ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder).

    When it comes to his religious beliefs, Hank Green has expressed a nuanced stance. While he identifies as someone who doesn't believe in the existence of a God, he has also mentioned that he feels uneasy definitively stating that there is no God.

    Tragically, on May 19, 2023, Hank Green made a heartfelt announcement on YouTube, revealing that he had been diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. Hodgkin's lymphoma is a form of cancer that affects the lymphatic system. This revelation shocked and saddened his fanbase, who rallied to support him during this challenging time.

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