Kim Petras

Name: Kim Petras ( Kim Petras )
Born: August 27, 1992
Age: 31 years old
Birthplace: Cologne, Germany
Height: 5 Feet 6 Inches
Occupation: singer, songwriter, and model
Relationship Status: not married
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  • Horoscope: Virgo
  • Net worth: $4 000 000
  • Nationality: German
  • Fathers name: Lutz Petras
  • Mothers name: Konni Petras
  • Weight: 56.0
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Eye color: Blue
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    Kim Petras: biography

    Kim Petras is a German singer, songwriter, and model. She gained recognition for her pop music and her distinctive high-pitched singing voice. She began her transition at a young age and became one of the youngest people to undergo gender confirmation surgery at the age of 16.

    Childhood and youth

    Kim Petras was born on August 27, 1992, in Cologne, Germany. From a young age, she showed a deep passion for music and singing. Growing up, Kim faced the challenges of being assigned male at birth and identifying as female. Her gender dysphoria was apparent early on, and she began expressing her true identity at a young age.

    Kim's supportive family encouraged her in her journey of self-discovery and transition. At the age of 12, she started hormone replacement therapy, becoming one of the youngest individuals to do so. Kim's determination and resilience helped her navigate the complexities of gender identity while pursuing her musical dreams.

    Throughout her youth, Kim Petras honed her vocal abilities and songwriting skills, often performing at local venues and talent shows. Her talent caught the attention of producers and industry professionals, leading to her eventual breakthrough as a pop artist.

    Despite facing challenges and discrimination, Kim remained dedicated to her music and authenticity. She became an inspiration to many, especially within the LGBTQ+ community, for her courage in openly expressing her gender identity while pursuing a successful career in the music industry.

    Kim Petras' childhood and youth were marked by her unwavering pursuit of her true self and her passion for music. Her experiences and journey have undoubtedly influenced her artistry and contributed to her becoming a respected figure in the pop music landscape.

    Music career

    Kim Petras' music career began to gain traction in 2017 with the release of her debut single, "I Don't Want It at All." The catchy pop song garnered attention and showcased her distinct high-pitched vocals and confident persona. It quickly became a fan favorite and established her as a rising pop star.

    Following the success of her debut single, Kim continued to release a string of well-received singles, including "Hills," "Faded," and "Heart to Break." Her music showcased a blend of bubblegum pop, electronic influences, and infectious melodies, solidifying her unique sound within the pop music scene.

    In 2019, Kim Petras released her highly anticipated debut studio album, "Clarity." The album featured the previously released hit singles, as well as new tracks that showcased her growth as an artist. "Clarity" received critical acclaim for its catchy hooks, polished production, and Kim's undeniable vocal talent. The album allowed her to further establish herself as a pop force to be reckoned with.

    Continuing her creative momentum, Kim Petras released her second studio album, "Turn Off the Light," in 2019. Inspired by Halloween and horror themes, the album was a departure from her usual sound, incorporating darker and edgier elements. The project was initially released as an EP in 2018 and was later expanded into a full-length album.

    On November 6, 2020, Kim Petras was featured on K/DA's EP "All Out," collaborating on the song "Villain" alongside Madison Beer. In 2021, she was featured on remixes of popular TikTok songs, including "Jenny" with Studio Killers and "SugarCrash!" by ElyOtto and Curtis Waters. In August 2021, Petras signed to Republic Records and released "Future Starts Now" as the lead single from her upcoming major-label debut studio album.

    Kim Petras
    Kim Petras / Instagram

    She performed the song at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards pre-show, becoming the first openly transgender artist to perform at the VMAs. In November 2021, she performed two more singles, "Coconuts" and "Hit It from the Back," at the 2021 MTV Europe Music Awards, making her the first openly transgender artist to perform at the EMAs.

    Petras also performed at the 2021 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, becoming the first openly transgender performer to do so. In February 2022, she released a surprise EP titled "Slut Pop." On September 22, 2022, she released the viral hit song "Unholy" in collaboration with Sam Smith, which reached number one in multiple countries and became her first number-one song on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

    In February 2023, Petras and Smith won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for "Unholy," making her the first openly transgender artist to win a major-category Grammy.

    Throughout her career, Kim Petras has collaborated with notable artists such as Charli XCX, SOPHIE, Cheat Codes, and more. These collaborations further showcased her versatility and willingness to explore different musical styles.

    Kim Petras' music career is characterized by her ability to deliver infectious pop anthems while remaining true to her unique style and artistic vision. Her music resonates with fans worldwide, and her energetic live performances have solidified her status as a captivating performer.

    Personal life

    Kim Petras has been open about her personal life and experiences, particularly regarding her gender identity. She publicly came out as transgender in 2008 and has since become an advocate for transgender rights and visibility. Kim's journey of self-discovery and transition has been a significant part of her personal narrative and has shaped her identity as an artist.

    In interviews and social media posts, Kim has expressed gratitude for the support she has received from her family and friends throughout her transition. She has credited their encouragement and love as instrumental in her personal growth and artistic development.

    Kim Petras is known for her vibrant and bold fashion choices, often embracing colorful and avant-garde styles. Her unique fashion sense complements her artistic expression and reinforces her message of self-acceptance and individuality.

    While Kim is relatively private about her personal relationships, she has occasionally shared glimpses of her romantic life on social media. Kim Petras has had a few notable relationships throughout her career. In 2018, there were rumors of her dating model and actress Miles High, but neither of them confirmed the relationship. In 2019, Petras was in a relationship with actress and model Kate Harrison, but they ended their relationship after a few months.

    Currently, Petras has been known to be in a long-term relationship with filmmaker and writer Tobias Jesso Jr. The couple started dating in 2020 and had been together for a significant period of time. However, they have decided to go their separate ways. Petras and Jesso have maintained a private approach to their relationship and rarely discuss it publicly. Occasionally, Petras has shared a few pictures with Jesso on her social media, which has sparked speculation among fans about their relationship status.

    Overall, Kim Petras' personal life reflects her commitment to living authentically and inspiring others to embrace their true selves. She continues to be a role model for the LGBTQ+ community and an advocate for self-expression, acceptance, and inclusivity.


    Studio albums

    • Feed the Beast (2023)


    • Clarity (2019)
    • Turn Off the Light (2019)


    Brit Awards:

    • 2023: Nominated for Song of the Year for "Unholy" (with Sam Smith)

    British LGBT Awards:

    • 2020: Nominated for Top 10 Music Artists
    • 2021: Nominated

    GLAAD Media Awards:

    • 2019: Nominated for Outstanding Music Artist for "Turn Off the Light, Vol. 1"
    • 2020: Nominated for "Clarity"

    Grammy Awards:

    • 2023: Won Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for "Unholy" (with Sam Smith)

    iHeartRadio Music Awards:

    • 2023: Won Best Collaboration
    • Nominated for TikTok Bop of the Year

    MTV Europe Music Awards:

    • 2022: Won Video for Good

    Queerty Awards:

    • 2020: Nominated for Badass (Herself)
    • Nominated for Anthem with "Sweet Spot"
    • 2021: Nominated for "Malibu"
    • 2022: Nominated for "Coconuts"
    • 2023: Won for "Unholy" (with Sam Smith)

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