Polina Gagarina

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Name: Polina Gagarina ( Polina Gagarina )
Born: March 27, 1987
Age: 37 years old
Birthplace: Moscow, Russia
Height: 5 Feet 7 Inches
Occupation: singer, actress
Relationship Status: married
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    Polina Gagarina: biography

    Polina Gagarina is a Russian singer, actress, composer, and model. She represented Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, is a mentor of the Russian show called The Voice (4th and 5th seasons), a performer of such songs as "No", "The Play is Over", "Unarmed" and "No More Drama".

    Polina Gagarina in China, 2019

    Thousands of fans applaud her at the concerts, her albums are sold out in millions of copies, and she strives for more. The young woman has successfully conquered the heights of the Chinese show business, performing brilliantly at the music competition The Singer.

    The singer has a net worth of $3 million.


    Polina Gagarina was born in Moscow. Ekaterina Mukacheva, Polina's mother, succeeded as a ballerina and a professional choreographer-mentor of Fashion-in-Action modeling agency. Sergey Gagarin, the father of the future celebrity, was a doctor. When the girl was four years old, Ekaterina was invited to work in the ballet troupe at Alsos theater in Athens. In 1993, Sergey Gagarin, her husband and Polina's father, died of a heart attack, and the choreographer and her daughter returned to Moscow.

    However, they did not stay long in Russia. And in September 1993, Polina Gagarina and her mother returned to Athens. There the girl went to school, but after coming to her grandmother for summer holidays, she wished to stay in Russia.

    Polina Gagarina as a child

    Polina Gagarina auditioned at a music school, where she performed a single by Whitney Houston to demonstrate her talent. Her successful performance influenced the decision of the commission to accept a future Russian pop star in the ranks of young musicians. Soon Polina's mother finished her work in Greece and moved to Moscow.

    Polina combined secondary school with music lessons. At the age of 14, the girl was enrolled in State Music College of Pop and Jazz Art in Moscow. As a 2nd year student, Polina Gagarina, on the recommendation of her teacher Andriyanova, took part in the casting of Star Factory, a Russian reality singing competition.

    Musical career and TV projects

    Polina Gagarina made a bright start in the project Star Factory 2. The participant performed songs of Maxim Fadeev, a Russian singer-songwriter, composer, and producer. After winning the contest, Polina Gagarina refused to sign a contract with Fadeev and started her own career. The next two years the singer devoted to her studies, songwriting and work with arrangers.

    Polina Gagarina on the project Star Factory 2

    Successful participation in the TV musical project aimed at supporting young performers became a good start for a successful solo career. In the future, Polina would be able to independently implement all the plans, as well as use the experience gained at the Star Factory.

    In 2005, Polina Gagarina decided to sign a profitable contract with Igor Krutoy's APC Records label, and soon appeared on the stage at the New Wave competition held in Jūrmala, Latvia. The song "Lullaby" brought her 3rd place and became the first hit in the discography of the singer. In early July 2007, the debut album Poprosi u oblakov (Ask the Clouds) came on sale.

    Polina Gagarina's song "Lullaby"

    In March 2010, Gagarina released the next album with the intriguing title O sebe (About Me). This disc includes a large number of songs, including the song "Polyushka". After the recording and presentation of the CD, the contract with Igor Krutoy ended. Gagarina did not dare to continue their cooperation, citing the fact that she was tired of obligations.

    By the time Polina sang in duet with Irina Dubtsova. Their duo was nominated for the prestigious Muz-TV Music Award for Best Duo in June of the same year. The song "To Whom, for What?" literally blew up Russian charts and ratings. For weeks this single topped the charts.

    However, Polina did not forget about her education. The girl graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School with excellence.

    Polina Gagarina and Irina Dubtsova - "To Whom, for What?"

    In 2011, the artist sang with Mikhail Dimov at the music competition Public Star 4, organized in Ukraine. In April, MTV channel presented a series called Great Expectations. The song "I Promise" was included in the list of soundtracks. Soon Gagarina's song "I will never forgive you" won The Golden Gramophone Award, a yearly national Russian music award.

    The further career was orientated on the opera genre. Polina participated in the show production of The Phantom of the Opera. Despite the lack of experience, Gagarina received high marks and feedback from critics.

    Polina Gagarina - "I will never forgive you"

    In 2012, Gagarina participated in the Russian-Ukrainian format of Star Factory. The TV show was focused on the live performance of the songs, which was a test of the artists' talent and strength of voice. Polina Gagarina passed 3 out of 4. The victory in the large-scale event was a personal achievement for Polina.

    In winter of 2012, Polina Gagarina became a multiple winner of the Russian award Song of the Year. Soon she began fruitful cooperation with producer Konstantin Meladze. The composer wrote songs which reflected the inner world of the woman, her feelings and emotions.

    In 2013, together Polina Gagarina and Alexander Zhulin performed in the TV project Two stars.

    Polina Gagarina's song "Forever"

    In May 2013, Polina Gagarina once again became the owner of the prestigious award RU.TV as the best performer. In July, the singer was awarded the nomination Breakthrough of the Year by Muz-TV channel. A month later, she was named the most stylish singer at the Fashion People Awards – 2013. And after a few days, fans enjoyed the new single "Forever".

    In the summer of 2013, Polina was sent as an Ambassador of Summer Universiade, held in Kazan, Russia. In August, the singer presented another hit named "No", and soon the public enjoyed the video for this song. Later numerous videos for the songs of the Russian singer would be holding the leading positions in the music charts.

    In September of the same year, Gagarina's song "The Play Is Over" became another hit. The song was played on many TV channels and radio.

    Polina Gagarina's song "The Play Is Over"

    By the end of November 2013, Polina took the Golden Gramophone Award for the second time for the song "No" written by Konstantin Meladze . At the award ceremony in the Kremlin Palace, Rosgosstrakh Insurance Agency presented the winner a certificate, and Gagarina's life and voice were "estimated" at $1 million.

    From 2005 to 2013, Gagarina's discography was steadily replenished with singles, most of which received prestigious awards. One of these successful songs was the song "Stride", released in 2014.

    Popular was the duo of Polina Gagarina and Ani Lorak with the song "Turn Around", which was played at the concert "When men sing" and the festive evening dedicated to the anniversary of the Federal Tax Service. Later, Gagarina performed with Sergey Lazarev. The show was then broadcast by the TV channel Russia-HD. The stars sang the hit "Let's Hide Tears From the Strangers".

    Ani Lorak and Polina Gagarina - "Turn Around"

    In 2015, the audience saw the biographical war movie called Battle for Sevastopol, a joint Russian-Ukrainian project by Sergey Mokritskiy. The plot is focused on the fate of Lyudmila Pavlichenko, a famous sniper, the Hero of the Soviet Union, who killed 309 enemy soldiers and officers.

    The woman became the first Soviet citizen to be honored with a reception at the White House. Many Russian historians believe that the U.S. authorities reported the opening of the Second Front after the fiery speech of the Soviet legend before the U.S. Congressmen.

    In the movie Battle of Sevastopol, Polina Gagarina performed the main soundtrack of the movie, the legendary Victor Tsoi's song "Kukushka" ("Cuckoo"). Almost immediately "Cuckoo" performed by Gagarina took a leading position in the Russian music charts.

    Polina Gagarina - "Cuckoo" (soundtrack to the movie Battle of Sevastopol)

    Being at the peak of popularity, Polina receives offers to participate in shows and photo shoots. Users of social networks especially noted the photo shoot for Maxim magazine, because Polina Gagarina appeared almost naked in front of the cameras.

    In 2015 it became known that Polina Gagarina would represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest scheduled to be held in Vienna. In March of the same year, the Russian participant published a video for the song "A Million Voices" on the official YouTube channel. Users liked the new video, and fans hoped for the success of their favorite singer. According to Gagarina,

    This song unites everybody: older people, pregnant women and children, as the song A Million Voices is about love. The singer is sure that this feeling is a life companion "for which it is worth breathing and creating".

    The final of the musical competition was held in the Austrian capital on May 23. During the performance, Polina's anxiety was visible to the naked eye, but the Russian singer coped with the challenge. Almost all 40 countries gave Russia points, most of which voted the highest ratings – 8, 10 and 12. As a result, Polina Gagarina took 2nd place, leaving behind the main favorites - the group "Il Volo" from Italy, and the winner of the competition was the Sweden singer Måns Zelmerlöw.

    Polina Gagarina in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with the song "A Million Voices".

    In 2015, Gagarina joined the mentors of the 4th season of the famous Russian music show " The Voice". In the show, Polina Gagarina replaced her colleague and friend, the singer Pelageya, who was on maternity leave. Her colleagues became Alexander Gradsky, Basta and Grigory Leps.

    Participation in the project also brought creative results. The Russian rap artist Basta soon sang a duet with Polina. The musicians presented to the fans the song "The Voice". Later on, the performers continued their cooperation, and in 2016 the composition "Angel of Faith" by the rapper and Polina Gagarina was released. The song was recorded for Natalia Vodianova's Naked Heart Foundation.

    Basta and Polina Gagarina - "Angel of Faith"

    In season 5 of The Voice, to which the star was also invited, she was accompanied by mentors of the "golden staff" - Dima Bilan, Leonid Agutin and the judge from the previous season, Gregory Leps. Both seasons of the show were not very successful for Gagarina's team, because the singer expected better results from her mentees. And the 3rd and 4th places - these were not the ones that the participants hoped for.

    In 2016, the songs "I Will Become the Sun", "Dance with Me", "Highly" "The Whole World is Not Enough" were released. They were included in the 3rd album of the singer called 9. The date of release of Polina's new disc was symbolic - September, 9. The artist considers this number to be a landmark. In numerology, which the singer is fond of, it means the wisdom and maturity of a person. All the music and lyrics for some of the songs in the collection were written by Gagarina herself, which was the first independent work after several years of cooperation with Konstantin Meladze.

    SMASH, Polina Gagarina and Egor Kreed - "The Team"

    Polina Gagarina is also known as a dubbing actress. She voiced Mavis in three parts of the animated film Hotel Transylvania, as well as Dorothy Gale in a fabulous film adaptation of Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return. Her voice sounds in the animated films Richard the Stork, My Little Pony: The Movie, Duck Duck Goose, which appeared on the screens in 2017-2018.

    In 2017, Gagarina gave the audience two new tracks about love,"Disarmed" and "No More Drama". Some videos for the songs recorded with other performers also released. These are a video for the song "Angel of Faith", which appeared earlier, and for the hit "Team", which Polina recorded together with Egor Kreed and DJ SMASH.

    Personal life

    Mass media is delighted to write about Polina Gagarina's personal life. Eye-catching headlines and compromising photos accompanied the rumors about numerous affairs of the singer, but they all were far from the truth. Polina's first husband was actor Petr Kislov. When it came to the marriage, Polina was already seven months pregnant. On October 14, 2007, the couple had a son, Andrey.

    Polina Gagarina with her son

    But the marriage did not last long and soon the couple broke up. Gagarina has repeatedly told in interviews that she does not prevent her father and son from meeting and occasionally joins them.

    In 2013, the press found out that Polina Gagarina was engaged to photographer Dmitry Iskhakov.

    Polina Gagarina and her husband, Dmitry Iskhakov
    Polina Gagarina and her husband, Dmitry Iskhakov

    The couple got engaged in 2014, the man proposed to Polina at the Lovers Bridge in Paris. The wedding of Gagarina and Iskhakov took place on September 9 in Moscow. The celebration ceremony was attended by the son of the singer, as well as friends and relatives. Two years later, Gagarina's family settled in a new Moscow apartment, which was repaired by the singer's mother together with designer Tatyana Maliy.

    In 2016, the Russian media wrote that Polina was pregnant. At the end of April 2017, Polina Gagarina gave birth to her daughter Mia in one of the best perinatal centers in Moscow. The singer was supported by her husband.

    The fans of the celebrity are looking forward to seeing new photos of Polina and her children in her account on Instagram. But the singer was not in a hurry to share family images with the public for a long time.

    Polina Gagarina in bikini

    The star did not stay long on maternity leave. Soon the fans of the singer could see her at the Philipp Kirkorov's anniversary concert, and also enjoyed the new solo program called Polina.

    Polina continues to surprise fans with the changes in appearance. For many years the singer was blonde, and in the fall of 2018, she appeared before fans with long, dark-colored hair. She completed the image with a leather jacket and a stylish hat. According to the star, she feels like she's 16 years old.

    Polina Gagarina now

    In the summer of 2018, Gagarina presented a new hit "Above the Head" and a video, directed by Alan Badoev. For three months, the video was watched by 19 million YouTube users. At the invitation of Azerbaijani singer Emin, Polina participated in the creation of the song "In Weightlessness".

    Polina Gagarina's song "Above the Head"

    The artist's list of achievements includes participation in creating the anthem "Guiding Star" of the Putin Team public movement, which was presented before the presidential elections. Another premiere of the year is a single and a video on it, "The Stone In the Heart".

    In the same year, was released the movie Zapovednik, created based on the eponymous novel by Sergei Dovlatov. The singer appeared in an episodic role. The main characters were portrayed by Sergey Bezrukov, Evgeniya Kregzde, Anna Mikhalkova, and Gosha Kutsenko.

    Now Polina Gagarina is expanding the scope of her activities. The singer opened her brand of clothes Polina Gagarina Shop, which is presented only on the Internet site. The assortment of the shop consists of stylish t-shirts, presented in three colors - white, black, and gray. They are decorated with the song titles "Disarmed" and "No More Drama", as well as the inscription "ПОЛINA GAGARINA" and the singer's personal autograph. Prices for products Gagarina's brand are quite democratic, starting from 900 rubles (about $14).

    Polina Gagarina's song "Melancholy"

    In early 2019, the singer presented a new video for the recently released single "Melancholy". Not all the fans appreciated the video directed by Zaur Zaseev and Pavel Khudyakov. However, Polina herself was satisfied with her work. She is impressed by the active rhythm of the song and its dynamics, which were transmitted in the video by bright choreography and original dress.

    Following Dimash. How Polina Gagarina conquers China

    In 2019, the Russian singer became a participant of the international vocal contest The Singer, which takes place in China. The principle of the TV show is similar to the "The Voice" project, but unlike Western and Russian analogs, only professional singers take part in the Chinese competition. For the first round, Polina Gagarina chose a piercing hit "Cuckoo" ("Kukushka"), which did not leave the audience and the jury indifferent. Brilliant performance of the song allowed Polina to go further.

    Polina Gagarina - "Katyusha" (sings in Russian and Chinese)

    The singer continued to overcome the subsequent rounds with the usual ease. At the next stage, the Russian star presented to the public the song "The Play is Over", two verses of which she sang in Chinese, which delighted the audience. Thanks to a bold decision, the artist took 1st place at this stage of the competition. The vocalist will have to go through several rounds: "Qualification", "Knockouts", semi-finals, final and gala concert. Fans of Gagarina hope for her victory in the competition.

    What about Polina's net worth, there's no exact information about it.


    • 2007 - Poprosi u oblakov (Ask the Clouds)
    • 2010 – O sebe (About Me)
    • 2016 – 9

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