Charles Manson

photo Charles Manson
Name: Charles Manson ( Charles Manson )
Born: November 12, 1934
Age: 83 years old
Died: November 19, 2017
Birthplace: Cincinnati, USA
Height: 5 Feet 2 Inches
Occupation: criminal, musician
Relationship Status: not married
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    Charles Manson: biography

    Charles Manson with his biography has entered the history of the USA as the most violent maniac who didn’t kill any person on his own. He was sentenced to life in the prison and till the end of his days was imprisoned.

    Charles was born on the 12th of November, 1934 at the 16-year-old flighty girl called Kathleen Maddox. For a couple of days, the unfortunate mother couldn't give name to her son. The girl gave childbirth in the town of Cincinnati where the girl escaped from her relatives

    In a couple of days after the birth, the boy received the name Charles. Kathleen didn't become a loving and caring mother: she was busy with her personal life all the time, drank a lot of alcohol and sometimes stole things. Everything that Charles remembered since childhood – his wanderings, endless mother’s men and alcohol.

    Charles Manson in his youth
    Charles Manson in his youth

    Often mother's relatives took care of Charles when she was in prison. H spent some time with his uncle, who enjoyed dressing up his nephew in girls' clothes and sending him to school. In a couple of years, Kathleen managed to get married, and the boy received the surname of his stepfather - Manson. After a while, his mother sent Charles to the specialized boarding school to take care of her life.

    At the educational institution, Charles’ behavior was inadequate: he was intimidated, closed, and studied bad. From time to time Manson escaped from the educational institution to his, but as it appeared later, she didn't need him.


    Gradually the young man became involved in the criminal world. In 1950 Charles stole the car and went to the border of Mexico where he committed small robberies at the same time. He was caught and put into the prison. Before he was released, his aunt tried to take the custody and was getting ready to take this difficult teenager to her family. But Charles raped his cellmate and received the sentence again. So, he had to wait for a long time to be released.

    Charles Manson spent half of his life in the prison
    Charles Manson spent half of his life in the prison

    After Manson turned twenty years, he was leading the criminal life and from time to time got behind the bars for the crimes he committed. He robbed the stores, stole cars, and was engaged in the pandering. During this period of life, its Manson grounded in his leader’s abilities and became the follower of scientologists’ cult.

    During one more sentence in prison, Charles learned to play the guitar and began to compose the songs. The young man got used to the life in the prison that when his sentence came to an end in 1967, he didn’t want to leave it. The security guards had to drag Charles to the street by force.

    "Manson Family"

    On his way to San Francisco, the newly made musician accidentally found himself on the territory of the small hippie settlement. There Charles Manson found what he lacked before: understanding and sympathy for his person. At the same time, he was attracted by certain irresponsibility towards his actions, free love and immediate access to the drugs.

    Charles Manson founded the commune "Manson Family."
    Charles Manson founded the commune "Manson Family."

    In the community, Charles step by step began to feel self-confident and approved his philosophy in which he became the center of the Universe. Manson interpreted his surname as "the son of the man," comparing himself to Jesus and Satan at the same time. Little by little Charles left hippie society and created his settlement which he called "Manson Family." In this community, the young guru became the real God for its members.

    The small community of Charles Manson’s followers which consisted of all homeless, left teenagers who were engaged in the crime and prostitution led their nomadic lifestyle on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Through the established procedures the young people passed the obligatory initiation ceremony of sexual nature. They earned their living illegally and made sacrifices to Satan. What about the girls in that community, they had to have sexual relations with Charles.

    Charles Manson and his followers
    Charles Manson and his followers

    It's worth saying that Manson was enigmatic and charismatic and specially influenced the people. The tall man (his height was 157 cm) gathered around himself the whole tribe of the fans who were his subordinates. His speeches were full of logic and had some magnetic impact on the people around.

    Manson took the lyrics of The Beatles bands into the basis of his religious beliefs, though he treated them on his own. Under the influence of the drugs, he saw in the compositions of the British musicians the appeal to the revolution, the warnings of the forthcoming war in which the black race would win completely defeating white people.

    At the same time, Manson hated wealthy men and considered his duty to start the war against the high society in the USA. He comprehended the composition from "the white album" of the Beatles under the title "Helter Skelter" as an appeal to the action. In the late sixties, there was carried out the range of murders which were the first ones planned by Charles Manson.

    Murders and victims

    The commune wasn't only leading the asocial lifestyle. Due to his creativity, Charles began to establish contact with Hollywood rich kids in the context of fancy for the drugs. Manson's people became the sellers of psychedelic drugs and distributed them in their district. The musician Gary Hinman became one of the drug dealers. Once it happened that his drugs turned out to be of low-quality and because of this the group of bikers who had bought the drugs at Manson demanded their money back. Having put his own life at risk by the furious buyers, Manson went to Hinman to get the money, but Gary kicked him out from his house. A couple of days later Hinman was found killed.

    The first Manson’s victim was Roman Polanski's wife
    The first Manson’s victim was Roman Polanski's wife

    After this event, Manson brought together his four fosterlings and ordered him to carry out the first ritual murder under the slogan "Helter Skelter" which he interpreted as "cut-kill." Among his wards, there were Susan Atkins, the former church singer, Patricia Krenwinkel, the former secretary, Linda Kasabian, and the Texas sportsman Charles Watson. The wife of Roman Polanski - Sharon Tate and her friends who stayed in their house during those days were chosen as the victims.

    Sharon Tate was nine-months pregnant
    Sharon Tate was nine-months pregnant

    Early in the morning on the 9th of August, 1969 Manson's followers intruded in the territory of Polanski's mansion and at once shot young Stephen Parent, who by chance visited the estate. Then they freely got into the house and killed the hostess of the house who was nine-months pregnant. Moreover, they killed the Pole Voytek Frykowski, the stylist Jay Sebring and the daughter of the millionaire Abigail Folger. All the inhabitants of the house were under the influence of the drugs and couldn’t understand at once what was going on. The murderers wrote on the wall the word "Pig" with the victims’ blood. The photos from the crime scene appeared in the press.

    The photos from the crime scene
    The photos from the crime scene

    With this bloody crime, Manson wanted to show that the cinematographers who direct and shoot the horror movies brought up the aggressive generation in that way, and they also had to pay for their actions with their lives.

    The next day in a similar way there was murdered the couple of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca who owned the retail network of convenience stores. The same persons committed the murder, but previously Manson himself had tied the businessmen with the rope. During a long time, the police couldn't track the maniacs and arrested wrong people. And only the good fortune helped the police officers to track the real culprit of the murders and to prove his guilt.

    The participant of the murders Susan Atkins
    The participant of the murders Susan Atkins

    After the third murder, the crime decided to change their location to the farther place and for this purpose they carried out a couple of thefts and robberies during one of the crimes Susan Atkins was caught and was taken to the isolation center. In prison, the girl couldn’t stand it and told her cellmates about all the details of the first murder. After that, the cellmates reported her to the police. To check the information, the police addressed to FBI, who detained Manson gang.


    At the end of 1970, there was carried out the trial on all the participants of the criminal organization. Charles Manson behaved confident, in his speech he explained all the crimes with the vices of the society which brought up their murderers on the works of the modern art. Even though all the crimes were extremely violent, Charles Manson managed to become the idol of millions of young people. For his admirers, the leader of the commune was the victim of the existing regime which gave rise to such terrible forms of the reaction.

    Charles Manson in the court
    Charles Manson in the court

    On the 29th of March, 1971 all the accused were sentenced and were found guilty. They were sentenced to the death penalty through the gas chamber. The capital punishment was in a short time replaced with the life imprisonment because of the reform in the judicial legislation of California state.


    In 1973 the documentary movie Manson came out on the screens in the movie theaters and was nominated for Academic Awards. Being in prison, Manson still was the idol of the great number of teenagers. Most people write letters to him in which they tell about their hard life. In 1988 Charlie wrote the book "Manson in His Own Words" which was sold out in large circulation. In this book, the criminal told the story of his life.

    Charles became reconciled with Christianity and became its adept. Moreover, he headed ATWA organization which he found himself. This organization was engaged in the environment protection from human activity.

    The leader has his web page and a couple of fan-clubs all over the world which are devoted to his name. On his forehead, Charles Manson had cut out the swastika which confirmed his racist views. In 2012 the prisoner sent the letter with the threats to the singer Marilyn Manson who purposely took the criminal’s name for a pseudonym. But the musician didn't give him an answer.

    Charles Manson at present
    Charles Manson at present

    For a couple of times Charles filed appeals on the early retirement, but each time he was refused. The year 2021 was appointed as the following term of the next consideration of his request for pardon.

    Personal life

    Manson never had his own family and didn't live with his family for a long time. He left all his children, as well as his mother, had left him in childhood. In his young years, Charles got married to the girl called Rosalie Jean Willis. She gave birth to his first son Charles Miles Manson Jr. in 1956. In 1993 the young man committed suicide for some unknown reasons.

    Charles Manson with his first spouse
    Charles Manson with his first spouse

    At the end of the fifties, Manson married the prostitute Leona Ray Stevens who four years after the wedding gave birth to Charles’ second successor - Charles Luther Manson. In the commune, Mary Brunner was his girlfriend. Shortly before the murders, she gave birth to the son Valentine Michael Manson. After she was released from prison in 1977, Mary restored her parental rights and relocated and began to be engaged in the upbringing of her child. The fourth Manson ‘s child - Angel was born from his fan Linda Kasabian. By her words, they conceived the child during the period of the gang’s bloody murders.

    In 2014 Charles Manson reported to the press about the forthcoming wedding. The 26-year-old admirer Afton Burton became his spouse. A year later they announced about their intention to have the child with the help of IVF technology.

    Charles Manson and his young fan
    Charles Manson and his young fan

    At the end of 2016, Charles Manson was taken to the hospital from the prison cell. The government didn’t disclose the information on the maniac’s health, but it was known that he had heart troubles. Later, Manson returned to the prison cell. It was announced in the leading editions on the 8th of January, 2017.


    Charles Manson died on the 19th of November 2017 at 20:13. The American serial killer died at the age of 83 in California State Prison. Debra Tate, the sister of the woman of whose murder he was accused announced about Manson's death.

    Because of the intestinal disorders during recent time Manson was in a critical state. The doctors didn’t give any chances of his recovery.


    "My tribe is people from your society, - you have left all of them, and I have picked them up. You gave birth to these children. You’ve made this out of them...It’s high time you looked back at yourself. You live only for the sake of money. It’s nearly over. If you’re killing yourself... If I wanted, I could kill anybody of you. If it's guilt, that means that I’m guilty... I am a king in my kingdom even if it's a rubbish kingdom... Let me go to the desert with my children. I prefer prisons and desert to your society."
    "I was inspired by the Apocalypse and the song "Escape" by Beatles Do you want to know my philosophy? Do you want to know where it comes from? I will tell you now. I spent the major part of my life in the prisons. My philosophy was born there – under the blows of batons and boots with which they were stamping on me."
    "I haven’t still decided who I am. I was given a name and a number and was put into the cell. I was living in the cell with a name and a number... I never attended the school that's why I didn't learn to respect the letter as well as writing and to read well. That's why I stayed in prison."
    “I have eaten out of your garbage cans to stay out of jail. I have worn your second-hand clothes…I have done my best to get along in your world, and now you want to kill me."


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