Luisana Lopilato

photo Luisana Lopilato
Name: Luisana Lopilato ( Luisana Lopilato )
Born: May 18, 1987
Age: 36 years old
Height: 5 Feet 6 Inches
Occupation: singer, actress, model
Relationship Status: married to Michael Bublé
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  • Horoscope: Taurus
  • Net worth: $2 000 000
  • Ethnicity: Argentine
  • Nationality: Argentine
  • Fathers name: Eduardo Lopilato
  • Mothers name: Beatriz Lopilato
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Eye color: Blue
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    Luisana Lopilato: biography

    Luisana Lopilato – an Argentine model, an actress and a singer, who became famous after playing the main role in the series "Chiquititas". She was world famous when she played Mia Colucci in the telenovela "Rebelde Way" and became a member of the musical group "Erreway".

    Luisana Lopilato in her youth
    Luisana Lopilato in her youth

    Luisana Loreley Lopilato was born on May 18, 1987, in the Argentine city Buenos Aires in the family of Eduardo and Beatrice. The youngest of three children grew up with her brother Dario and her sister Daniela in city vicinities near the Hour Park.

    The girl received her first commercial role at the age of 6 after the casting Director offered Luisana an audition for advertising noticing her on a walk with her mother. Despite the fact that she began her career as an actress, the girl continued to go to an ordinary secondary school, instead of taking lessons on the set.

    Films and television

    Luisana Lopilato made her television debut in the series "My family is a drawing" in 1995. The famous Argentine producer Cris Morena took the actress in the role of Luisana Maza on the popular TV show "Chiquititas" in 1995. Her brother Dario also took part in the filming.

    Luisana Lopilato in the series " Chiquititas"
    Luisana Lopilato in the series " Chiquititas"

    She appeared in the mini-series "Chiquititas, la historia" and the additional film "Chiquititas: In a Corner of This World" in 2001. Lopilato received the main role in the Argentine drama film " Un amor en Moisés Ville " the same year. The producers of the show were so impressed with the acting of the girl on casting that they asked her to learn English to continue working in the project, because it was hard for Luisana to have conversations in an unfamiliar language.

    Cris Morena invited the young actress to the casting of the soap opera "Rebelde Way" in 2002. Luisana easily got the role of one of the main characters of Mia Colucci. The series was about rich teenagers who decided to form a musical group. During the filming of "Rebelde Way" the actors of the show created a real group, which was called "Erreway".

    Luisana Lopilato in the series "Rebelde Way"
    Luisana Lopilato in the series "Rebelde Way"

    A melodramatic musical about the musical group "Erreway: 4 caminos" was released in 2004. Luisana starred in the television series "Married... with Children", an Argentine remake of the eponymous series from America in 2005. The girl played Paola Argento and Dario played the role of her screen brother.

    The actress returned to work with her mentor Cris Morena to participate in the Argentine telenovela 2006 "Alma pirata", in which Benjamin Rojas, Mariano Martinez and Nicolas Vazquez starred too. In 2007, Luisana Lopilato appeared in the television comedy "Boss", who was nominated for The Martín Fierro Awards, and also became one of the organizers MTV Latin America Awards.

    Luisana Lopilato in the series " Alma pirata"
    Luisana Lopilato in the series " Alma pirata"

    The famous Argentine actress Alicia Zanca presented Luisana in a theatre production "Harlequin" the same year. The girl was nominated for the ACE Awards for her role in the play, after which she received the main role in the musical "Cinderella".

    Lopilato starred with her brother Dario again in the telenovela "Atracción x4" in 2008. Her former colleagues on the set Camila Bordonaba, Gabriel Goity, Rodrigo Guirao Díaz and Elias Vinoles starred in the series. Luisana voiced an animated сomedy "Plumíferos", which was released only 2 years later the same year.

    Luisana Lopilato and her brother Dario
    Luisana Lopilato and her brother Dario

    The actress starred in the film "Papa por un dia" in 2009, and then entered the list of "100 Sexiest Women in the World" according to the FHM magazine in Spain. The girl loves to show her gorgeous figure with candid photos in a swimsuit or underwear not for nothing. Luisana played a negative character in the series "El Lobo" in 2011.

    Lopilato received a role in the drama series "Terapia ", in an Argentine remake of the Israeli project "BeTipul" in 2013. She received the praise from critics for the image of the girl Valentina, struggling with cancer. The actress was nominated for the Martín Fierro and Tato Award for her participation in the series.


    Luisana Lopilato's musical biography began with the recording of songs for the soundtrack to the telenovela "Chiquititas". She signed with Cris Morena Group and released 4 albums: "Chiquititas Vol. 5" in 1999," Chiquititas Vol. 6 "in 2000," Chiquititas Vol. 7” in 2001 and "Chiquititas: In a Corner of this World" the same year after the success of the show.

    Lopilato and her colleagues in the film Benjamin Rojas, Felipe Colombo and Camila Bordonaba formed a pop rock band "Erreway" during the filming of "Rebelde Way". The band performed most of the show's music and released 3 studio albums: "Señales" (2002), "Tiempo" (2003) and "Memoria" (2004).

    Luisana Lopilato and the band "Erreway"
    Luisana Lopilato and the band "Erreway"

    Luisana left the band in 2007, after which the rest of the band went on a tour of Spain. Later, the singer signed a contract with Universal Music Group to record a solo album, for which she wrote songs with her sister Daniela.

    Lopilato recorded 2 albums with soundtracks for the series "Atracción x4" during 2008 and 2009. Both discs received a gold certification in Argentina.

    Personal life

    Luisana Lopilato was in a relationship with her "Rebelde Way" and "Erreway" colleague Felipe Colombo from 2002 to 2005. After parting with Colombo, she began dating with the actor Mariano Martinez and got engaged to him a year later after the beginning of the affair. The couple broke up at the end of 2006 and did not legalize their relationship.

    Luisana Lopilato and Felipe Colombo
    Luisana Lopilato and Felipe Colombo

    Lopilato entered into a relationship with the tennis player Juan Monaco soon after the parting with the actor. However, it was clear that the girl secretly met with the Сanadian singer Michael Bublé at the end of 2008. Their relationship began after a joint going to the theatre for a play, in which her brother Dario was a participant.

    Luisana Lopilato and her husband Michael Bublé
    Luisana Lopilato and her husband Michael Bublé

    Luisana got engaged to Michael in 2009 and married him in her native Buenos Aires on March 31, 2011. The couple has common children: the sons Noah (August 28, 2013) and Elias (January 22, 2016), and the daughter Vida, was born on July 24, 2018.

    The actress is 66,14 inches (168 cm) tall and weighs 119,05 lbs (54 kg).

    Luisana Lopilato now

    In December 2016, her 3-year-old Noah was diagnosed with liver cancer. Luisana and her husband decided to pause their career and devote all the time to the treatment of the child. The celebrity unveiled the sad news on "Instagram" and asked her fans and viewers for respect, understanding and support for their personal lives.

    Luisana Lopilato in 2018
    Luisana Lopilato in 2018

    In February 2017, happy parents reported that their son's illness was treatable and now Noah is completely healthy.

    In 2019, the actress's filmography will expand after the release of two films with her participation - the Spanish thriller "Predeterminados" and the American comedy melodrama "Fair market value".


    • 2001 - " Chiquititas: In a Corner of this World"
    • 2004 - " Los Pensionados"
    • 2004 - " Erreway: 4 caminos"
    • 2006 - " Alma pirata"
    • 2008 - " Atracción x4"
    • 2009 - " Papa por un dia"
    • 2010 - " Alguien que me quiera"
    • 2010 - " Victim"
    • 2012 - " El Lobo"
    • 2014 - " Las insoladas"


    • 1999 - Chiquititas Vol. Five
    • 2000 - Chiquititas Vol. Six
    • 2001 - Chiquititas Vol. Seven
    • 2001 - Chiquititas: Rincón de Luz
    • 2002 - Señales
    • 2003 - Tiempo
    • 2004 - Memoria

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