Charlie Sheen Finds His New Calling As A Life Coach

It’s not uncommon for people, who hit the rock bottom and then turn their lives around, to become lifestyle gurus. Especially if those people are celebrities. Same story with actor Charlie Sheen, 53, well-known for this alcohol and drug abuse, marital problems, and allegations of domestic violence.

The former star of ‘Two and a Half Men’, recently celebrated a year of sobriety, was asked for life advice during a Q&A event at a club called Annabel’s in London. Looking pretty happy and healthy, Sheen responded: 'Enjoy every moment. It can all vanish in a heartbeat, or the absence of a heartbeat!', describing himself as ‘just a guy who wants to do better’.

The actor also talked about his relapse after 11 years of sobriety when he was diagnosed with HIV in 2012.

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