10 Exciting Facts About Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello is an American singer of Cuban descent who won the hearts of fans not only with her beautiful voice and magnificent appearance but also with her success story. She has lived out the American Dream, which inspired many people all over the globe. Here are ten exciting facts about this fantastic singer.

Camila Cabello | scifialert.com
Camila Cabello | scifialert.com
  1. Although her real name is Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao, she prefers to use the middle name, Camila.
  2. The singer was born in the village of Cojímar, where Ernest Hemingway had lived and created his most famous novel, “The Old Man and The Sea.” Therefore, from a very young age, Camila learned to read and became a fan of his works.
  3. Cabello wrote her most famous hit, “Havana,” while eating sushi. The end of the music video for the single was inspired by Michael Jackson's song "Thriller."
  4. In 2016, Time magazine named the singer one of the 25 most influential teens in the USA.
  5. Camila is a big fan of Taylor Swift. There is always a poster of the beloved singer in her room who is now her close friend.
  6. In 2018, the girl released the debut album Camila, which she had initially planned to title The Healing. The hurting. The loving. The collection set an iTunes record, having topped 99 charts worldwide. It is interesting that, according to critics, the star's first solo album outranked the discs of such celebrities as Madonna and Taylor Swift.
  7. Camila loves eating bananas very much. She always eats several fruits before each performance and during breaks between pieces.
  8. Fans of the girl group Fifth Harmony and its members are known as “Harmonizers.” When she started to pursue a solo career, her fans were called “Camilizers.”
  9. Camila had the first serious relationship with Austin Mahone, who did not want to make it public. When she officially announced their love affair, Austin accused the girl of using it to sell her albums, after which they broke up.
  10. The beautiful lady likes to hug and is a very friendly person. Camila throws herself into the arms of everyone, from waiters to music managers. Moreover, the girl does not like to sleep alone and shares a bed with her mother, while traveling. Her perfect evening consists of cookies and movies.

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