10 Interesting Facts About Zoë Kravitz

Zoë Kravitz is so much more than the child of her illustrious parents: she is a talented actress, model, and singer. You will find ten exciting facts about the celebrity below to make sure of that.

Zoe Kravitz | sickchirpse.com
Zoe Kravitz | sickchirpse.com
  1. The artist did not have the chance to express her character in Big Little Lies the way she saw it. The creators of the series did not include the moment when Bonnie Carlson identified herself as a colored person living in a white community.
  2. Like mother, like daughter. Zoë is expected to participate in the ten-episode remake of the drama High Fidelity, where her mother had appeared. Kravitz will personify the female version of Rob Gordon; the premiere is set for February 2020.
  3. There have been many speculations that Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend, Suki, is furiously jealous of his state partner Zoë Kravitz. Their project together, The Batman (2021), is among the most expected movies now.
  4. Unlike most of her colleagues, the actress hates the idea of plastic surgery and beauty practices like Botox for sweat; needless to say, her beauty is absolutely natural.
  5. The woman has also experienced some issues with makeup artists. In 2017, the star complained about their non-professional choices involving “a bunch of light-colored makeup”, ill-fitted to her skin color.
  6. Zoë Kravitz knows things about failures. She studied acting at the State University of New York at Purchase but quit in a year.
  7. The educational troubles were not the worst trouble for the young woman. The girl came over with an eating disorder due to school stress and the sense of alienation at 13; seeing her slim, beautiful mother around was also challenging. Zoë overcame the disease by 24.
  8. Following in her starry dad’s footsteps did not bring much fame. 16-year-old Zoë started singing at Elevator Fight in 2009 and created her own band, Lolawolf, in 2013. The next year was marked with the album Calm Down, and some pieces of music were presented in 2015. None of them succeeded.
  9. Some of Zoë’s dates have been older than her. In 2011, the 22-year-old actress had a romance with Michael Fassbender, 34; they met at the movie set of X-Men: First Class. Although the couple broke up pretty soon, they remained on friendly terms.
  10. Zoë Kravitz is among those who revealed the truth about sexual harassment during the #MeToo campaign. Without giving a name, the woman mentioned a director who was insisting she should come to his hotel room and told her to do uncomfortable things.

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