10 Shocking Facts About Harvey Weinstein

In some way, the world will never be the same after the outspoken investigation of the producer's misconduct. His story proved to be so resonant that caused the whole movement against abuse of power. Here are ten shocking facts about the famous producer's downfall.

Harvey Weinstein | variety.com
Harvey Weinstein | variety.com

1. Beginning of the story

The story of the sexual harassment scandal began in 2017 when two journalists published their investigation in an influential journal. Those two women made the impossible thing. They revealed significant arguments of sexual misconduct leading to the broken career of the famous film producer. Later two women published the book explaining how that story helped to ignite the whole movement.

2. Before the scandal

Before that investigation, the 65-year-producer had endless lists of credits, numerous nominations, and awards. He was twice married. The second wife is a famous fashion designer. He has got five kids. The producer's net worth was estimated at $300 million.

3. Rumors and whispers

The producer was well-known for his sexual misconduct for decades. However, people only let themselves whisper about it trying to avoid problems. At the same time, the producer continued crossing all impossible lines feeling legally protected and mighty person.

4. Assistants

Some assistants took part in the investigation and became significant witnesses. One of them said about the specific duties which they made. Thus, one of them had to rouse the partially or fully nude producer out of bed in his hotel room, and turn on his shower, "as if he could not rotate the handle himself." Sometimes the producer tried to pull his assistant into bed with him. Trying to avoid come-ons the assistant sat on the armchairs instead of sofas. Sometimes the aids supplied him with the injectable erectile dysfunction drug. To cover specific work, Harvey didn't allow assistants to talk about work, pushing them to sign an agreement.

5. Actresses

The producer forced the women to get naked and make some sexual favors. Instead, he promised significant career promotion. Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan are among those actresses. The latter called him a "prolific rapist." He was one of the first women who publicly spoke and sued him.

6. Others

Sometimes he badgered his victims. Thus, one woman told how she worked on his company during one day when the producer asked her to accept his sexual advances; instead, he promised to boost her career. He badgered the woman while he was naked and left her crying and distraught. The journalist told me that he misconducted a decade ago when he cornered her in a restaurant. When the woman rejected him, he masturbated in front of her.

7. Consequences

The shocking detail of his sexual conduct led to legal, social as well as financial consequences. He was married twice. The second wife left him and filled the divorce after the scandal with sexual harassment. In 2018 he was arrested and alleged in raping two women. He paid $1 million to be released. He surrendered his passport and was forced to wear an ankle monitor. The trial date was postponed on the 6th of January in 2020.

8. Public's reaction

The investigation of reporters included testimonies of only eight women. However, a lot of women suffered from his misconduct stepped out and proved different kinds of assaults beginning from unwanted touching and finishing with forcibly oral and vagina sex. Many Hollywood celebrities condemned his actions.

9. His response

The producer said that he behaved badly in the past, he said, "I came of age in the '60s and '70s when all the rules about behavior and workplaces were different," it reads. "That was the culture then." He also stated that his interactions with people had been radically changed.

10. Today

He was fired from his company and decided to work with the therapist. Besides, the producer acknowledged that he made much pain, even though he continued disputing allegations. His lawyers were preparing to sue the journal.

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