10 Little Known Facts About Ben Kingsley

Even though the British actor prefers to keep a law social profile, there is some exciting information about his career as well as his personal life. Read ten little known facts about him below.

Ben Kingsley | dw.com
Ben Kingsley | dw.com

1. Name and parents

He is a son of British actress who appeared on the screen in 1920-1930 years. His father was a doctor. He was of Gujarati Indian descent. His name was Krishna Bhanji. However, the actor decided to change his name after his first success at the stage. The actor was born on the 31 of December in 1943. That year the actor reached his 75 years. His birth sign is Capricorn.

2. Breakthrough

In 1983 the actor had a unique opportunity – he appeared on the timeless movie Gandhi, where he played the leading role. Despite his perfect portraying, Gandhi was his second movie. For his ideal playing, Ben was honored the number of awards, including Oscar and a star in Hollywood Walk of Fame.

3. Musical talent

As a child, he was good at acting as well as singing. The boy had a big talent which the actor could display in the future. In 1966 he played In the musical, he stepped out as a singer, songwriter and guitar player. After an outstanding performance, John Lennon met the actor backstage and gave him a piece of advice – to go into music. The famous producer offered him a collaboration. However, Ben chose an acting career.

4. Roles

The actor has a vast opportunity and perfectly impersonates in various characters. Thus, he was nominated in the category “Best Supporting Actor” in the black comedy crime movie “Sexy Beast.” Despite his famous roles as a Gandhi and Doctor Watson, Ben is primarily known for his negative characters. Public and critics love him as a British villain.

5. Today

The 75-years-old actor continues working in the movie industry. In 2018 he appeared on the thriller “Intrigo: Death of an Author.”

6. Work on the stage

In 1971 he made his debut on stage that he decided to focus on theatre and worked as a stage actor for fifteen years.

7. Personality

As it is reported, Ben’s mood is the weather. He is charismatic and dominant. Besides, he is a patriot and a person devoted to his work.

8. Sir Ben

His service in the British movie industry was highly recognized. In 2012 he was honored to be knighted. The actor was much thankful. He named pale his Oscar in comparison with this title. Once he demanded to call him Sir Ben; as a result, the public criticized this specific demand.

9. Philanthropy

The actor is known for his humanitarian work. He and his current wife made much efforts to help children in the third world.

10. Solitare

He prefers to keep the law social profile. The actor seldom gives an interview as well as appears on the screen. It is known, that the actor was married four times. In 2007 he married the Brazilian actress Daniela Lavender. He has got four children, one of them became an actor. His height is 5 feet, 8 inches.

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