Brad Pitt's Emotions After The Divorce

The story of the star couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was officially finished. The judge allowed them to be legally single. Their separation continued for more than two years and a half. Now Brad is delighted with the end of the affair.

The ex-spouses are considered to be officially single again. It was impossible for them since 2014, when they married. During the recent court hearing a judge gave the new legal status to Jolie and Pitt. Performing the procedure was necessary because of their request, although the divorce filing hasn’t been completed yet.

The changing of status is very important for the stars. They split in September 2016, after eight years of dating and two years of married life. Brad and Angelina have six children; they are from 10 up to 17 years old. And while the court is working on the final decision in Brad’s and Angelina’s divorce, the stars try to take the best conditions of custody agreement for their kids. The acceptance of permanent legal decision on it will take several months, that’s why there is an interim agreement between them.

Some sources claim that Brad is satisfied with recent changes in his life. Being single is a new right step for him and getting this status plays an important role. It was necessary for him to end the period of his life with Angelina. He must move forward and getting new status is the first step to do it. Besides the fact that the official ending of divorce process is still far, Brad feels good and is ready to take what he can get. Brad will always wish his ex wife well, he had a lot of great moments during their living together. Although they have children, this page of their life is closing and Brad is ready for the final steps of divorce.

There is some information about Brad’s interest in reuniting with Angelina, but the sources close to Brad claim that it is only gossips to explain the long duration of court procedure. Brad will never see Angelina like first time after everything they have faced since the split. Now he is focused on his children.

After this long divorce there is a chance that Brad Pitt will never get married again, at least he will think about it well. After Jolie dropped his last name, Brad will think twice before giving his surname to another woman. Brad is sure this action must be done and children understand it, however this fact makes him confused.

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