China Anne McClain

Name: China Anne McClain ( China Anne McClain )
Born: August 25, 1998
Age: 25 years old
Birthplace: Atlanta, USA
Height: 5 Feet 3 Inches
Occupation: singer, actress, songwriter
Relationship Status: single
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    China Anne McClain: biography

    China Anne McClain is an American actress who has starred in several feature films and television shows that have become popular around the world. In addition to acting, the girl composes music, sings, dances, and performs in the sister girl group McClain. China Anne McClain has a versatile personality that amazes fans with numerous talents.

    Childhood and youth

    Anne McClain’s childhood was filled with creativity. Her father, Michael, a singer, composer, and producer, and her mother, a singer, have been involved in the world of show business.

    China Anne McClain with her sisters
    China Anne McClain with her sisters

    The celebrity was born on August 24, 1998, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The young talented girl began her career early. In the early 2000s, along with her older sisters Sierra and Lauryn, she already sang in a music group. The girls' mother wrote the songs for them.

    The father produced the project. At first, it was a girl group, now younger brother Gabriel is a member of the band.

    China Anne McClain
    China Anne McClain

    When China Anne was young, a family friend, Ian Burke, heard the girl singing. He advised her to audition for the musical The Gospel, and she was cast for the project in 2005.

    After the debut of the young actress, China Anne was showered with new offers. Since then, a lot of films and TV shows with her participation have been released. Besides, she actively writes music, goes on tours, has a YouTube channel and personal blogs on Instagram and Twitter.

    Movies and music

    The girl has built an acting career rapidly. The first successful teen project with the participation of China Anne was the TV series Tyler Perry's House of Payne. Then there was an episode in Hannah Montana. She was invited there in 2009.

    The success made McClain famous in the world of show business. One of her brightest works was the role in the Disney Channel original television series A.N.T. Farm, in which she played the leading role and sang six songs.

    After teen comedy projects, she already got a more complicated work; her role in the drama Hurricane Season was different from the previous experience.

    As for music, the girl released the soundtrack for the film A.N.T. Farm. The disc did not top the world charts, but three songs from it became popular. These were “Dynamite,” “Calling All the Monsters,” “Unstoppable.”

    China Anne managed to show her worth in children's and teen TV shows; she also acted brilliantly in the popular films and TV series Bones, NCIS, The Night Shift, Jonas, Descendants 2. The filmography of the actress is extensive, despite her young age.

    China Anne McClain has starred with such stars as Jake Short, Cameron Boyce, Miley Cyrus.

    Personal life

    The girl is still young, she is immersed in creativity and is busy implementing ambitious plans such as to make her film, continue her musical career, and go around the world with her sisters and the group McClain.

    There is no time for grooms and personal life; her "boyfriend" is work and creativity.

    China Anne devotes her spare time to sports and self-improvement. People can see her photos in a bikini on Instagram, depicting the beautiful appearance and body of the actress.

    Although the girl is slim (according to, her weight is 116,84 lbs. (53 kg) with a height of 5.28 ft. (161 cm)), she would go a long way, as evidenced by her bright career and success.

    China Anne McClain now

    In 2014, China Anne starred in the movie Descendants 2. In 2018, she was involved in the TV project Black Lightning, in which she played the role of Jennifer Pierce. In 2019, the actress has devoted a lot of time to her music career.

    China Anne McClain has a net worth of $2 million.


    • 2006-2012 - Tyler Perry's House of Payne
    • 2007 - Daddy's Little Girls
    • 2010 - Hurricane Season
    • 2010 - Grown Ups
    • 2011 - A.N.T. Farm
    • 2013 - Grown Ups 2
    • 2014 - How to Build a Better Boy
    • 2017 - Descendants 2
    • 2018 - Black Lightning


    • 2011 - Dynamite
    • 2011 - Calling All the Monsters
    • 2014 - Something Real
    • 2017 - What's My Name
    • 2017 - It's Goin' Down
    • 2018 - Stronger
    • 2019 - Dig A Little Deeper

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