Martha McSally

Name: Martha McSally ( Martha Elizabeth McSally )
Born: March 22, 1966
Age: 57 years old
Height: 160 Feet
Occupation: Republican politician, senator
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  • Horoscope: Aries
  • Nationality: American
  • Fathers name: Bernard McSally
  • Mothers name: Eleanor McSally
  • Education: St. Mary's Academy, Bayview United States Air Force Academy
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: grey
  • Match marriage: divorced
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    Martha McSally: biography

    She is a former combat pilot who spent 22 years in the Army. Soon after her retirement, she focused on her political career. The politician had gained extensive experience in the forces, which allowed her to achieve the seat of a senator with one of the highest voting record.

    Childhood and youth

    She was born into a big family. Her father was a banker; he died in 1978 due to a heart attack. Her mother worked as a teacher.

    During her school education, the girl was pressured into a sexual relationship with a coach. As a student, she had never told about it, but ten years later, she shared it with her relatives and even told about it in the press.

    Military career

    In 1988 she earned an appointment in the national forces. During her education, she was the first student in the Military Academy.

    Martha spent a significant part of her life serving in the Air Force. Having begun as a pilot instructor, she achieved the rank of colonel by her retirement. Her reputation allowed her to become the first woman in national history who flew in combat in 1991. In 1995 she flew combat squadrons over Iraq. In 1999 she served in Europe, then in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan.

    In 2001 she sued the national department of defense. In the documentary movie, she shared her experience of service in the forces being a woman. In 2010 she retired after 22 years of service. She began working as a professor at Germany center of Security studies.

    U.S. House of Representative

    In 2012 she finished the second in the elections. Two years later, she tried again and won the elections. In 2016 she was reelected. During the first year of her service, the politician had seven approved bills. She was named one of the most prolific fundraisers as well as a moderate lawmaker. In 2018 she posted a commercial as a part of her campaign, which introduced her to the public.

    U.S. Senate

    She stepped out as an established candidate during elections in 2018. Moreover, the politician is known as an influential fundraiser; all that made her one of the most preferred candidates.

    She preferred to keep a distance from Trump. She didn't endorse him in 2016. Besides, she criticized his statements, especially about women's rights. Martha called them disgusting. However, during the elections, the politician began embracing the president. In 2018 she refused to discuss the character of the president. She named all talks "Democrats' obsession. She won the races with 53 percent. In 2019 she was appointed to take a seat in Arizona after Kyl's resignation.

    On the 16th of January, Martha attracted the public's attention when she gave a rather straightforward comment to the reporter. The corresponded Manu Raju asked her about new evidence during the impeachment trial. The senator gave an outspoken answer. She called a correspondent 'a liberal called" and stated that she was going to talk with him. Later she affirmed that answer via Twitter. The politician said, "I'm a fighter pilot... I called it like it is."

    Political positions

    He supports the ideas of centrist policy. The politician was a member of moderate Republicans. The woman rights are one of the critical issues of her strategy. She stepped against abortion with three exceptions connecting with her mother's life, incest, and rape. In 2015 she voted for the 20-week abortion ban.

    As the daughter of a teacher, education is the other significant issue in her strategy. Martha is a supporter of local knowledge. As to beliefs, she is Christian.

    In 2017 she proposed a bill banning to taste cosmetics on animals. The law was confirmed. She didn't support same-sex marriage. In 2018 the politician announced that she voted for Brett Kavanaugh during the supreme court nomination.

    Personal life

    In 1997 she married the military officer. Two years their marriage was annulled.

    During a hearing on Sexual Assault and Misconduct in the Army, the senator confessed that a superior officer raped her during her service.

    She keeps a low social profile and talks little about her private life. It is known that Marta is good at sports. The politician is a triathlete, that's a secret of her perfect physique. There is no information about her net worth.


    • As a military officer she achieved a rank of a colonel
    • As a politician she had seven approved bills in the freshman year.

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