Howard Hughes

photo Howard Hughes
Name: Howard Hughes ( Howard Hughes )
Born: December 24, 1905
Age: 70 years old
Died: April 05, 1976
Birthplace: Houston, USA
Height: 6 Feet 4 Inches
Occupation: businessman, engineer, pioneer of aviation, film director, producer
Relationship Status: was divorced
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    Howard Hughes: biography

    Howard Hughes – is one of the wealthiest persons in America. He became famous for his work in aviation. This man created airplanes and later he began to shoot films. The famous movie ''Scarface'' was produced by Howard Hughes.

    Childhood and young years

    Howard Hughes was born on the 24th of December, 1905 in the family of a businessman and a housewife.

    It is said in his official biography, that Howard received his birth certificate after 39 years because his parents postponed the paperwork for a long time. In some sources, it is said, that Hughes was born on the 14th of September or even on the 24th of September, 1905.

    Howard in his childhood
    Howard in his childhood

    Howard lived in a wealthy family, as his father owned Hughes Tool Company, which produced drilling equipment. In the beginning of XX such business was very profitable and earned his father millions, that's why Hughes Sr. made a million dollar fortune in a short time.

    Howard's childhood was not easy. The boy was sick quite a bit, that was the reason, why his mother protected him from any possible germs. She regularly examined her son's body and then wiped it with a wet sponge. Hughes loved studying, but he didn't like to play with other children. That's why Howard achieved extremely successful results in Physics and Maths; he invented his own constructions.

    Howard Hughes in his youth
    Howard Hughes in his youth

    When Howard was 13 years, all of a sudden he couldn't his legs became numb. He was diagnosed with poliomyelitis. But later, the doctors rejected this diagnosis, as the teenager improved without taking any medicine. For his poor health and self-absorption, Hughes had to shift from one school to another. His attempts at settling somewhere turned to dust.

    In 1922 Howard's mother died. Two years later his father Hughes Sr. passed away too. So sad events didn't reflect on Hughes' life. The guy designed and constructed the aircraft models with all the diligence and also comprehended the sciences. His aunt Annette took over his upbringing.

    Business and creative career

    When Howard was only 18, he took his inheritance right. He didn't plan to leave father's business without control, that's why he took the helm of his father's company. Some relatives tried to press Hughes on selling off the business in parts, but Howard told them to go to hell at once.

    Every step of Hughes was mapped out in advance. The guy made new acquaintances easily, which later turned out to be of profit for both sides. In 1924 the relatives, who claimed on Howard's company, just disappeared.

    Howard Hughes in the aircraft
    Howard Hughes in the aircraft

    Hughes had in his hands the organization with the market value equal to 2 million dollars.

    Due to father's company, the young man could spend million dollars on personal inventions, cinematography and other hobbies without hesitation.

    The cinematography was important for Howard Hughes. The businessman aimed ''to become the best film producer''. In 1927 he purchased Caddo Films company to implement his ideas in life. Later he bought a space for the editing of the future movies. In his 22, Howard was able to direct and produce movies.

    Movie ''Hell's Angels'' produced  by Howard Hughes
    Movie ''Hell's Angels'' produced by Howard Hughes

    His first movie under the title ''Swell Hogan'' was not released to the public. But at the second time, the spectators saw the movie ''Everybody's acting'' created by Hughes. This movie was a success and even earned some money for the production company.

    Howard was awarded with the most desired Academy Awards for his movie ''Two Arabian Knights''.

    In 1928 Hughes wanted to present his new movie ''Hell's Angels'' to the world, but, unexpectedly, he found out, that movies with the sound were already produced.

    Willing to keep up with the modern technologies, the businessman rewrote the script, fired the major character and produced the movie again.

    Among his career achievements were the following movies: '' Scarface'' and ''The Outlaw''.


    Howard became interested in aviation when he was 14. Later he started to attend the airplane constructing studies. Charles Lemoyne was his first teacher in this sphere. In 1928 Hughes passed exams, after what he received the pilot's license.

    This was the beginning of Howard's story as a creator and collector of the aircrafts. Boeing 100A became the first aircraft in his collection. America was in financial crisis, but it seemed that Hughes just didn't notice this.

    The businessman took a risk and established a research and development Hughes Aircraft Company. Howard pursued a large area near Culver-City for productive capacities. Also, Hughes owned 6 amphibious aircrafts and special hangars for their storage. The young businessman planned not only aircraft constructing, but also organized supplies for the USA army.

    ''Hughs H-4 Hercules'' Aircraft
    ''Hughs H-4 Hercules'' Aircraft

    In 1935 Howard's company took an attempt at participating in the contest on constructing of the fighter aircraft for the United States Air Force. Talented and skilled engineers were invited for this sake.

    His enterprise needed advanced technologies for help, but Hughes Aircraft lost the contest. At least, Hughes had a chance to come forward, setting the world record: he accelerated up to 567 km/per hour in his new fighter jet.

    Three years later the company was involved in providing an interceptor for the United States Air Force. The aircraft had to develop speeding up to 580 km/per hour. For convenience, aircraft production was moved to California. Hughes Aircraft Company hardly had any money, that’s why finances for the fighter jet production were involved from the Hughes Tool Company.

    Leonardo DiCaprio as Howard Hughes in the movie ''Aviator''
    Leonardo DiCaprio as Howard Hughes in the movie ''Aviator''

    The US military personnel provided lending support to the company during the war years. They couldn’t supply aircrafts but offered belt feeders, with which gun posts were equipped. Already in the post-war period, Howard Hughes got a brilliant idea of Civil Aviation subjugation.

    ''Hughes H-4 Hercules'' became the most famous creation of Hughes. The history of its construction was represented in the film ''Aviator'', directed by Martin Scorcese. Leonardo DiCaprio played the character of the Howard Hughes.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Howard Hughes received attention from the journalists. Information about a new love affair of one of the richest men of that time appeared on the front pages of the newspapers. Ella Rice became his first spouse. Though they turned out to be very opposite personalities, they had different wishes and aims. That's why in 1929 they divorced at last.

    Howard Hughes and Ida Lupino
    Howard Hughes and Ida Lupino

    For the second time, Hughes was married to Jean Peters. Again, they didn't get a mutual understanding. The aircraft designer even didn't take any efforts to save their marriage and appeared in public with different big-breasted brunette beauties. Among his lovers were the stars of the cinematography: Ida Lupino, Rita Hayworth, Ginger Roger's. Women were captured with Hughes by paparazzi all the time.

    Howard Hughes and Ava Gardner
    Howard Hughes and Ava Gardner

    The love affair with Ava Gardner was a vivid and exciting memory for Howard. They first met in 1943. Later, they began an affair. Hughes tried to prove, that he had serious feelings towards her. Sometimes, Howard crossed the line and he started to monitor his beloved woman. Ava Gardner was very emotional and couldn't stand this. So, she made him scenes and beat him, and then they continued with the statuettes and other things, which were by the hand. Once, Ava beat Howard half to death.

    Howard Hughes and Katharine Hepburn
    Howard Hughes and Katharine Hepburn

    The billionaire took a new try of creating the family, with Katharine Hepburn this time. Being famous for his love affairs, Hughes turned into a devoted and attentive man. Though, Howard could not resist and again got involved with another woman. This was the last straw, the couple separated, but they left friends.

    Howard Hughes and Cary Grant
    Howard Hughes and Cary Grant

    Later a book about Howard was published under the title ''Howard Hughes: The Untold Story''. The author claimed, that Hughes was involved in relationships not only with women but also with men. The actor Cary Grant was accused of lying.


    The billionaire always had poor health, so, it was not a surprise, that after a car crash and syphilis, Howard had got some new diseases. The businessman had to take a lot of anesthetics to feel better and forget about the consequences of the previous awful diseases.

    The grave of Howard Hughes
    The grave of Howard Hughes

    It was announced about the death of Hughes on the 5th of April, 1976. He died on board of the airplane, which was taking him to the Houston Methodist Hospital. Strangers couldn't recognize the businessman because he looked very exhausted. FBI agents had to pick up his fingerprints.

    The experts, who did an autopsy, claimed, that Howard Hughes died from kidney dysfunction. The funeral ceremony took place at Glenwood Cemetery. The grave of cinematographer was placed near his parents' graves.

    Wealth estimation

    There are lots of legends about the wealth which was left after Howard's death. Until present times nobody can state the exact amount. In official sources, it was pointed out the sum of 1,4 billion dollars. The experts think, that the companies of Howard earned him 2-3 times more money. Due to such well-organized working process, Hughes turned out to be the wealthiest person in America at that times.


    • 1927 – ''Two Arabian Knights''
    • 1928 – ''The Racket''
    • 1930 – ''Hell's Angels''
    • 1931 – ''The Age for Love''
    • 1932 – ''Sky Devils''
    • 1932 – ''Scarface''
    • 1943 – ''The Outlaw''
    • 1946 – ''The Sin of Harold Diddlebock''
    • 1950 – ''The Tattooed Stranger''
    • 1950 – ''Vendetta''
    • 1951 – ''His Kind of Woman''
    • 1952 – ''The Las Vegas Story''
    • 1953 – ''The Second Chance''
    • 1956 – '' he Conqueror''
    • 1957 – ''Jet pilot''


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