Michael B. Jordan

photo Michael B. Jordan
Name: Michael B. Jordan ( Michael Bakari Jordan )
Born: February 09, 1987
Age: 36 years old
Birthplace: Santa Ana, USA
Height: 5 Feet 12 Inches
Occupation: actor
Tags: actor
Relationship Status: not married
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  • Horoscope: Aquarius
  • Net worth: $8 000 000
  • Ethnicity: African-American
  • Nationality: American
  • Fathers name: Michael A. Jordan
  • Mothers name: Donna (née Davis)
  • Education: Newark Arts High School
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Dark Brown
  • Lucky number: 2
  • Lucky stone: Amethyst
  • Lucky color: Turquoise
  • Match marriage: Aquarius, Gemini, Sagittarius
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    Michael B. Jordan: biography

    Michael B. Jordan (Michael Bakari Jordan) is a young but already eminent actor, who has starred in a dozen TV series and movies. American journalists included him in the list of "TV's Sexiest Men of 2011" and named him one of 30 people under 30 who is changing the world. Film critics named Michael the Breakout Star and he won the prestigious awards for the roles in Fruitvale Station and Creed.

    Childhood and youth

    Michael Bakari Jordan was born on February 9, 1987, to the family of sports fans Donna and Michael A. Jordan. At first, he lived in Santa Ana, California, but later the family moved to Newark, New Jersey, where the children studied at school.

    Michael B. Jordan’s dreadlock hairstyle
    Michael B. Jordan’s dreadlock hairstyle

    The boy was named after his father and famous basketball player Michael Jordan, and the parents did not forget to pay tribute to the ancestors. "Bakari" means in Swahili "good news" or, according to another version, "the word of a noble person." The oldest daughter and youngest son were named Jamila and Khalid.

    Actor Michael B. Jordan
    Actor Michael B. Jordan

    Khalid became a football player, and Michael initially chose a modeling career. After studying at Arts High School, he advertised sporting goods and children's toys until he started a career in the film industry. The twelve-year-old teenager, Michael, appeared in the episodes of the TV series Cosby and The Sopranos. So, he began his rise to stardom.


    Bit parts in the popular TV series House, The Wire, Lie to Me, Friday Night Lights taught the actor the details of the profession. Jordan began to play small roles in television series in the last century, but he became famous in 2013 after the release of the drama Fruitvale Station. This film was a breakthrough in a career not only for the actor but also for the director, Ryan Coogler.

    The leading man contributed significantly to the success of the film. Jordan brilliantly played the role of an unlucky, unemployed, but charming man who has been recently released from prison. Jordan and Coogler continued their collaboration in the film Creed.

    It is interesting that Michael who played the role of boxer Adonis Creed did not have a stunt double during filming. The actor had to participate in all the fights, and for a year his boxing trainer was Corey Calliet. Nevertheless, despite the excellent work of the film crew, bruises and abrasions regularly appeared on Michael's body after fights and training. But in the end, the actor became popular with viewers and received recognition of critics.

    Michael B. Jordan in Creed
    Michael B. Jordan in Creed

    Jordan won the National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actor, the All Def Movie Award, the Black Reel Award, the Boston Online Film Critics Association and the African-American Film Critics Association Awards. The African-American Film Critics Association rewarded the actor for Breakout Performance.

    Besides TV series and full-length films, the actor’s credentials include the voice roles in the computer game Gears of War 3 and the cartoon Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. In 2016, Jordan starred in the Apple commercial along with basketball player Kobe Bryant, presenting the NBA 2017 games. Jordan tried his hand at producing and found it interesting:

    “I’m interested in everything, and I’m a producer at heart. I look beyond the films with my participation! "

    Personal life

    Exhausting training in his teen years helped the future actor to build an ideal body. Michael’s height and weight are 182 cm and 69 kg respectively. The breast size is 104 cm, the waist is 84 cm, and the biceps is 37 cm. Everyone can see many exciting photos and videos of filming, conferences and other events with his participation on the actor's Instagram page.

    Michael and Kendall Jenner
    Michael and Kendall Jenner

    At the age of 30, the handsome man is not married. There is no information about his romantic relationship, and female fans do not lose hope to win his heart. It was probably the reason for a bombshell effect when the photo of Michael and Kendall Jenner appeared in the press in 2015. However, it quickly became clear that the actor and the star of the reality show were together accidentally.

    Michael B. Jordan in 2017
    Michael B. Jordan in 2017

    For three years of shooting in the television series Friday Night Lights, Jordan got used to living in the apartment where he was filming, that he decided to buy it. The actor does not want to purchase a more prestigious house.

    Michael B. Jordan now

    Now, Michael B. Jordan’s fans are looking forward to the film Black Panther, scheduled to premiere in February of this year. The film was shot by the already well-known director, Ryan Coogler, and Jordan played the role of Erik "Killmonger," a Wakanda exile who had returned home to depose King T'Challa/Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman).

    Michael B. Jordan in the film Black Panther
    Michael B. Jordan in the film Black Panther

    Even a person who does not know a lot of information about the Marvel Universe characters understands that the action of the film will have a lot of adventures and battle scenes. And Michael’s acting will turn them into a magnificent performance. Although Corey Calliet trained the actor again, Jordan needed stuntmen to perform the tricks in this film. The character's exotic appearance (his second name is Golden Jaguar), hairstyle and fantasy outfit help the actor create an image that is not similar to any of his previous works.

    Michael B. Jordan as Erik "Killmonger"
    Michael B. Jordan as Erik "Killmonger"

    Viewers can see the result of the collaborative work of the actor and coach in the film Creed II, the continuation of the film Creed. The fantasy film Fahrenheit 451 will soon be released. Its producer is Michael B. Jordan.


    • 1999 – The Sopranos
    • 2002 – The Wire
    • 2003-2006 – All My Children
    • 2006 – CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
    • 2009 – Burn Notice
    • 2009 – Pastor Brown
    • 2009-2011 – Friday Night Lights
    • 2010-2011 – Lie to Me
    • 2012 – Red Tails
    • 2012 – House
    • 2013 – Fruitvale Station
    • 2014 – That Awkward Moment
    • 2014 – Weekend Ticket
    • 2015 – Fantastic Four
    • 2015 – Creed
    • 2018 – Black Panther
    • 2018 – Creed II


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