Dennis Rodman

photo Dennis Rodman
Name: Dennis Rodman ( Dennis Rodman )
Born: May 13, 1961
Age: 63 years old
Birthplace: Trenton, USA
Height: 6 Feet 7 Inches
Occupation: actor, basketball player
Relationship Status: divorced
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  • Horoscope: Taurus
  • Net worth: $500 000
  • Ethnicity: African-American
  • Nationality: American
  • Fathers name: Philander Rodman
  • Mothers name: Shirley Rodman
  • Education: Southeastern Oklahoma State University
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Dark Brown
  • Lucky number: 9
  • Lucky stone: Emerald
  • Lucky color: Green
  • Match marriage: Virgo, Cancer, Capricorn
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    Dennis Rodman: biography

    Dennis Rodman is a former American basketball player who won five NBA championships and also led the NBA in rebounds per game for seven consecutive years. He can be called the legend of basketball. But Rodman has never limited himself to basketball. He appears in films, writes books, participates in wrestling fights. Viewers know Dennis Rodman for his outrageous behavior, including fights, and dressing up as a woman, and even the meeting with Kim Jong-un.

    Childhood and youth

    Dennis was born in Trenton, New Jersey. His father, Philander Rodman, a Vietnam war veteran, left his wife and three children and moved to the Philippines. Dennis admitted in an interview that his dad was extremely loving and had 48 children. By the way, the father and son met only in 2012; at that time, Dennis was already 42 years old.

    Dennis Rodman
    Dennis Rodman

    The boy's mother, Shirley Rodman, worked multiple jobs to support her son and two daughters. Dennis Rodman's sisters were tall. While studying at college, they played for the basketball team and gained scholarships thanks to their sports achievements. Thus, the girls also helped the family.

    But in his school years, Dennis did not distinguish himself with zeal to study or play basketball. He was shorter than the sisters. The guy roamed the streets and the slums of Dallas with his friends, and he was even arrested for theft after stealing a watch in the store.

    Dennis Rodman in his youth
    Dennis Rodman in his youth

    The mother persuaded him to enter college, and she hoped that he would also play for the basketball team. Indeed, during the last academic year, the guy became very tall. Rodman was soon named the best college player. He was quirky, well-built, and energetic. He weighed 220.46 lbs. (100 kg) with a height of 6.59 ft. (201 cm). By the way, it was no coincidence that he got the nickname the “Worm” in the NBA.

    The guy devoted himself to the sports but decided not to attend classes, so he was soon expelled. Rodman soon had a run of bad luck in his life. He began to roam the streets, and his mother kicked him out of the house. The man did some odd jobs. The only interest in his life was basketball, which he played all the time. So he was noticed by the trainer of Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Lon Riesman.

    Basketball player Dennis Rodman
    Basketball player Dennis Rodman

    In 1983, Dennis moved to Oklahoma and began to play for the university team. For three years he did his best, became the leader and best player of the team. The NBA draft took place in 1986.

    Rodman was not mentioned in the first round of the draft, which madly upset the basketball player, he understood that his dream of professional sports was broken. But in the second round, Rodman was drafted by the Detroit Pistons. So, he began his NBA career.


    Rodman played for the Detroit Pistons until 1993. During this time, he won two NBA Championship rings. He was recognized as the best defensive player, joined the NBA All-Star Team, and also participated in the All-Star game.

    Dennis Rodman at the Detroit Pistons
    Dennis Rodman at the Detroit Pistons

    In addition to brilliant performance, Rodman impressed viewers with his appearance. There were a lot of tattoos on his body; he always dyed his hair different colors, got piercings. Moreover, he liked to give scandalous interviews and distinguished himself with shocking behavior.

    In 1993, he left the Detroit Pistons because the team began to fall apart, and joined the San Antonio Spurs. Dennis Rodman and center David Robinson became the most dangerous NBA duo on the hardwood. But the club management was dissatisfied with their constant conflicts off the court. Rodman always provoked everyone and said what he thought. Therefore, in 1995 he was traded to the Chicago Bulls.

    Dennis Rodman at the Chicago Bulls
    Dennis Rodman at the Chicago Bulls

    The 1995-1996 season was fantastic for the Chicago Bulls. They managed to win 72 games in the regular season and become the NBA champions. They repeated their success for the next two years.

    Rodman, as usual, played aggressively, for which he repeatedly got technical fouls. Dennis fought with players from other teams, and once hit the referee.

    Dennis Rodman at the Los Angeles Lakers
    Dennis Rodman at the Los Angeles Lakers

    The 1997-1998 season was the last for the Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman left the team. By this time, the basketball player had won five NBA Championship rings.

    Later, he played for the Los Angeles Lakers and the Dallas Mavericks. But these seasons did not bring him success. He was already interested in the film industry, wrestling and even wrote a book. In 2011, the athlete was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

    Personal life

    The athlete’s personal life is as bright as his basketball career.

    In 1994, Dennis began dating Madonna. The couple had a high-profile affair; his extravagance was a match for the oddities of the singer. They dated only for four months, but during this time the tabloids always wrote about them. After separating, Rodman said in an interview that the reason for the breakup was Madonna’s desire to conceive a child with him.

    Madonna and Dennis Rodman
    Madonna and Dennis Rodman

    He also sold to the press all the messages that the star had once sent him. The last straw was his biography, in which he described the story of their relationship in detail, including their intimate relationships.

    The man has been married three times. Annie Bakes became his first wife who gave birth to daughter Alexis Rodman. But their marriage did not last long.

    Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman
    Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman

    The marriage with model Carmen Electra was no less shocking. They were first noticed in the spring of 1998. But there was no suggestion of any romantic relationship then. They opened a restaurant in Montreal. However, on November 14, 1998, it transpired that the couple got married in Las Vegas.

    But a week later, Carmen filed for divorce. The reason for their separation is unknown. Rodman said that he was drunk and was not responsible for his actions. But some people thought that there was violence in the relationship.

    Dennis Rodman and Michelle Moyer with children
    Dennis Rodman and Michelle Moyer with children

    In 2003, Dennis married the third wife, Michelle Moyer. It was the basketball player’s longest relationship. In marriage, they had two children: son D.J. and daughter Trinity. They faced problems in 2008. Michelle filed a police report, accusing Rodman of domestic violence. He was obliged to attend lectures on family relations for a year, sentenced to community service, and given three years suspended sentence.

    The marriage was dissolved in 2012. Michelle petitioned the court to collect child support. At that time, he already owed $ 51 thousand. But the lawyer informed the judge that Rodman was suffering from alcoholism and was bankrupt, so he could not pay such a sum.

    Dennis Rodman now

    In March 2013, Dennis Rodman participated in the Vice's HBO show, during the filming he visited North Korea, where he met Kim Jong-un.

    Kim Jong-un and Dennis Rodman
    Kim Jong-un and Dennis Rodman

    In December 2017, the athlete announced that he wanted to organize a basketball game between North Korea and the U.S. territory Guam. According to him, it will help relieve tension between the two countries.

    In January 2018, Rodman posted a video on Instagram in which he told about joining the 30-Day Sobriety Solution.

    Dennis Rodman in a wedding dress
    Dennis Rodman in a wedding dress

    By the way, even on Instagram, Rodman continues to shock people, posting pictures and videos of painted nails, bright dresses, parties with seminude women. Rodman is also a member of the Prince Marketing Group and continues to play basketball during their world tour.

    Dennis Rodman has a net worth of $500,000.


    • 1996 – 3rd Rock from the Sun (TV series)
    • 1996 – Eddie
    • 1997 – Double Team
    • 1997 – Soldier of Fortune, Inc. (TV series)
    • 1999 – Simon Sez
    • 2000 – Cutaway
    • 2007 – The Comebacks
    • 2009 – The Minis

    Awards and achievements

    • 1989 – NBA champion
    • 1990 – NBA champion
    • 1992-1998 – NBA rebounding champion
    • 1991-1992 – NBA Defensive Player of the Year
    • 1996 – NBA champion
    • 1997 – NBA champion
    • 1998 – NBA champion

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