Stevie J

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Name: Stevie J ( Steven Aaron Jordan )
Born: November 02, 1971
Age: 52 years old
Height: 5 Feet 8 Inches
Occupation: DJ, record producer, television personality
Relationship Status: married
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  • Horoscope: Aries
  • Ethnicity: Mixed (Puerto Rican and Dominican)
  • Nationality: American
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Black
  • Lucky number: 5
  • Lucky stone: Diamond
  • Lucky color: Red
  • Match marriage: Leo
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    Stevie J: biography

    Stevie J’s full name is Steven Aaron Jordan. The native of Buffalo is widely known as a successful record producer, songwriter, and musician. He got wide acclaim in the 90s, won the 40th Annual Grammy Awards as a producer of the Best Rap Album of 1996 “No Way Out” of Puff Daddy. The other work that defines Steven’s career is his contribution to the seminal album from The Notorious B.I.G. “Life After Death”. Stevie J produced some songs by a lot of famous musicians.

    Stevie J
    Stevie J

    Some of them are Jay Z, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, Brian McKnight, Tevin Campbell, and others. Also, Stevie J wrote songs, played the bass guitar, and took part in different TV series. Thanks to his activity, Stevie has 2.3 million followers on Instagram. The producer has six children. His net worth is estimated at $5 million.

    Childhood and youth

    Steven was born in Buffalo on November 2, 1971. His parents were Penny Daniels and Moses Jordan. His father was a Pentecostal bishop. Steven never knew his mother because she left the family when he was just eight months old. Stevie began interested in music early. He was picking up different instruments, toying around with the drums in church. Later he started to play the keyboards, and that led to the guitars and the strings. He was a small-town kid with big city dreams.

    He spent his formative years in Rochester, NY. He graduated from high school and started working with an American R&B quartet “Jodeci”. He was living in Buffalo at that time. But he had the opportunity to go back to Rochester and sing at the fashion show. So when he first got to the fashion show, he got there earlier with his partner Sonny Boy.

    There wasn’t anybody, so they went to the bar, and they got some food, got a few drinks. Before they got up to sing, they learned that some people from “Jodeci” came to the show. There were Dalvin and K-Ci. They liked Steven’s singing and tracks. They asked Steven, who was the author of the songs and didn’t believe that it was Steven. Then he went to the piano and started playing a few of the jams. Then Dalvin said to young talent: “Oh, you are with us”. It was the beginning of Stevie J’s music career.


    Stevie J’s professional music career started from the Bad Boy Records “Hitmen” in the 1990s. He collaborated with Sean Combs, who was the label’s owner and the producer of lots of Bad Boy projects. The first Stevie J’s project on this role was the single “Only You” featuring The Notorious B.I.G.

    Also, the novice producer accompanied several records for the album “Life after Death” of Notorious B.I.G. Some of them are “You're Nobody”, “Notorious Thugs”, “Nasty Boy”, “Mo Money Mo Problems”, and “Last Day”. Thanks to these projects, Stevie J received wide recognition and made his name.

    In 1997, Stevie J. was engaged in the production work of the song “I'll Be Missing You”. During that time, he also worked with Mariah Carey on her album “Butterfly” and produced songs, such as “Honey”, “Breakdown”, “Babydoll” and “Breakdown”. The same year, three of the Stevie J-produced records; “Honey”, “Mo Money Mo Problems” and “I'll Be Missing You” topped the Billboard Hot 100. Later he won the “Grammy Award” for his production work on Puff Daddy's album “No Way Out”, which was recognized as the Best Rap Album.

    In 2018 music producer hosted a launch party at Atlanta hotspot Revel to debut his new nightlife venture Sleazy J’s. Over 400 guests braved the frigid temperatures to experience the upscale pop-up party that is set to redefine “sleazy”.

    Personal life

    In 2012 the VH1 reality television series, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta was released. Stevie J was among its first participants. It featured Stevie J in a love triangle, involving his future wife, Joseline Hernandez, and the then girlfriend, Mimi Faust (in a new season she was the victim of a home invasion and encountered a man sitting in her car who then shoots at Mimi).

    A year later, Steven and Joseline married. Since then, the husband and wife have become a famous couple in the hip-hop world, and have made cameo appearances in several music videos. They even visited Cannon's Wild 'n Out, where Stevie told Nick Cannon that he slept with Cannon's ex-wife and the mother of his children Mariah Carey not once but twice during the show's taping.

    Stevie J has six children from his past relationships. They are: the first son Dorian, born in 1995 by Rhonda Henderson; the first daughter Sade, born in 1995 by Felicia Stover; the second son Steven Jr., born in 1997, and the second daughter Savannah, born in 1998, both by Carol Antoinette Bennett; the third daughter Eva Giselle, born in 2009 by Mimi Faust, and the fourth daughter Bonnie Bella, born in 2016 by Joseline Hernandez.

    Stevie J and his kids
    Stevie J and his kids

    The break up of Joseline and Stevie J was the center of attention. Now, they are not on good terms. However, Joseline still leans on his mother, Penny for support. They met up for lunch, and Joseline confided in her mother-in-law about her marital troubles. Miss Penny had some good advice and asked Joseline to go to church with her.

    In 2018 Stevie J married the Lakeland native Faith Evans, an American singer, actress, and producer. The Internet was full of amazing wedding pictures. Evans married Biggie, the Stevie J’s friend, who was killed in a drive-by shooting at the age of 24. Stevie is also the godfather of Evans’ son with Biggie, C.J. Wallace.

    It’s interesting to know that people often think that Stevie J is also the book’s author. Sometimes they think that books “Falling in Between” and “Over You” were written by the famous producer. However, it’s wrong. The real author is a woman, Stevie J. Cole.



    • 2012 – present - Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta
    • 2013, 2014 – BET Hip Hop Awards
    • 2014 – This Is Hot 97
    • 2015 – Love&Hip Hop Live: The Wedding
    • 2016 – Stevie J & Joseline: Go Hollywood
    • 2016 – 2018 – Leave It To Stevie
    • 2017 – Joseline's Special Delivery
    • 2018 – present – Star

    Producer’s top songs

    Long before Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, Stevie J had another career. He was a successful music producer and industry impresario. His greatest produced songs:

    1. 1997 – “I’ll Be Missing You” by Puff Daddy & Faith Evans feat. 112
    2. 1997 – “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” by Puff Daddy feat. Mase
    3. 1997 – “Honey” by Mariah Carey
    4. 1997 – “Mo Money Mo Problems” by Notorious B.I.G. feat. Puff Daddy & Mase
    5. 2001 – “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” by Eve feat. Gwen Stefani
    6. 1996 – “Only You” by 112
    7. 2003 – “Love @ First Sight” by Mary J. Blige feat. Method Man
    8. 1998 – “Breakdown” by Mariah Carey feat. Bone Thugs-n-Harmony
    9. 1998 – “Friend Of Mine” by Kelly Price feat. R.Kelly & Ronald Isley
    10. 1996 – “You Don’t Have To Worry” by New Edition feat. Missy Elliott

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