Meghan Markle's Clothing Style During Pregnancy

The Duchess of Sussex is welcoming her first child very soon – this news as any event of Royal’s Family life is constantly attracting lots of attention. Meghan Markle has always presented graceful and unusual dressing style and her maternity time hasn´t become the exception. There are 7 most original Meghan’s pregnancy outfits which served a perfect addition to the most wonderful period of her life.

Angelic white

For the first sight this dress, except its gorgeous grace, has absolutely nothing notable. However, there is a curious fact of its history which is unable to be guessed. Bridal designer of the label THEIA Don O'Neill had to hurry up to create this column dress in time for the Duchess's tour. After a while he occasionally was asked about making extra seam allowance at the end of September. "We knew immediately why this extra allowance was required, but mum's the word," – that’s what he told to journalists after some time.

Silk gown

Pregnancy is not the reason to refuse from style – Meghan definitely agree with this statement. During her appearance at the Fashion Awards Meghan, who is known as the most famous Givenchy client, successfully presented the brand and her new status as well, beautifully underlined by an elegant outfit.

Power of Red

During her arrival in Casablanca, Meghan was wearing the bespoke dress of a bright red color. It was symbolizing strength, bravery and valor on Morocco’s flag. Moreover, it can be associated with a power of life which is deeply felt by Meghan during this special time.

Royal Blue

Her three-day Morocco tour was crowned by appearance in an outstanding blue maxi dress decorated by marvelous deep blue ornaments imitating eastern traditional tunes. This gorgeous look perfectly joined the general atmosphere of Marrakesh culture and looked noble on the future mother presenting her in the best way.

Lady in Green

The Commonwealth Day Youth Event at Canada House in London has got its precious jewel in a person of Meghan dressed in green coat with black embroidery. Curious fact: her worldwide remembered and appreciated mother-in-law Princess Diana many years ago, while visiting Bristol on March 29, 1982 opted the same outstanding outfit. The forest green coat has become a perfect choice for both royal family ladies.

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