10 Personal Facts About Michael Fassbender

A handsome man and a brilliant actor - Michael Fassbender, amazes fans with his acting and charisma. Although the celebrity prefers to keep his life story private, we collected 10 facts about his personal life!

Michael Fassbender | Instagram
Michael Fassbender | Instagram

1. Actor or musician?

In his childhood, Michael was an altar boy at the church that all his family attended. When Fassbender grew up, he showed passion for music, to be more precise, he wanted to become a musician and to give concerts.

2. Before fame

Before Michael had become a famous actor, he had several jobs: he was a bartender and a call center executive. He realized that he wished to be an actor at age 17. From that moment, he started to attend castings and auditions.

3. The roots

The actor was born in Germany but spent a lot of time in Ireland. Michael says that his background makes him do contradictory things. Because his father is German, the actor sometimes behaves as a perfectionist: he controls everything and everyone. On the other side, he likes to do spontaneous things.

4. Traveling and bikes

Michael is fond of motorbike trips. In 2016, he and his father took a 5000-mile cross-Europe trip on their bikes. A father and a son have been to Germany, Slovenia, Italy, and Montenegro. The actor thinks traveling is a good way to discover the world, but if you do it on your bike – it will be more exciting!

5. Women

Speaking of movie shootings, Michael has had many awkward and at the same time, funny situations. Once he shared in the interview, that he saw actress Nicole Beharie without clothes, but according to Michael, it's a part of acting. He says that people get used to such intimate scenes. As of now, the celebrity is in a serious relationship with Swedish actress Alicia Vikander.

6. Dedication to work

Michael is known to work hard during rehearsals. The actor wasn't afraid to lose his perfect shape in order to prepare for his role in the movie Hunger. He agreed to have a strict diet, after which he began to value more things in life. It was a good experience in his life, according to him.

7. Fast speed

The man has one more hobby: races. Michael fell in love with this sport after his grandfather showed him Formula 1 racing in 1989. He is proud to have an opportunity to stand beside Michael Schumacher because it was his dream.

8. Intimate things

Talking about nude scenes that Fassbender had in the movie Shame, he has his own opinion on this topic. The actor thinks that for men, it is more challenging to be completely naked, if we speak about movies. He makes jokes when remembers his mother's words, who said that women are always naked, so maybe he decided to prove her that men can do the same!

9. Acting is not always funny

During the scenes in the movie Eden Lake, Fassbender showed that he is ready to make the best of his acting. He had to sit in freezing mud for three days while the shooting didn't end.

10. Business

Aside from acting, Michael is engaged in business. He is a co-founder of DMC Film. Moreover, he is going to appear as executive producer for the upcoming movie Calm With Horses.

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