10 Interesting Facts About Rooney Mara

Brilliant Rooney Mara is known for her versatile talent: she can play an unsocial geek, like Lisbeth in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, or a picture of virtue, like Mary Magdalene, with the same vigor. Here you will find some exciting facts about the marvelous actress.

Rooney Mara | hollywoodreporter.com
Rooney Mara | hollywoodreporter.com
  1. Rooney’s ancestors were closely connected to football. The great grandfather from the dad’s side, Timothy James Mara, created the New York Giants, and the Pittsburgh Steelers team came to existence thanks to Art Rooney, the great grandfather from the mom’s line. However, the starry offspring is not fond of football.
  2. Despite the family’s high status, the would-be celebrity and her siblings, including the actress Kate Mara, attended a regular high school with no privileges.
  3. In 2013, the actress told Vogue she used to be shy in her teenage and adolescent years. The echoes from the past did not disappear completely even after The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was premiered. Rooney was reluctant to see herself on the screen and finally went to a movie theater like an ordinary visitor.
  4. To prepare for her role in Side Effects, Rooney Mara went to a psych unit at Manhattan’s Bellevue Hospital; she also spoke to people with depression and read diaries on the Internet.
  5. The Mara sisters grew up in a family of devoted Irish Catholics. The young woman became less formal when she grew up. However, the religious background helped her get into the character in Garth Davis’s Mary Magdalene.
  6. The artist is an active philanthropist: she supports the Uweza Foundation that works with families and kids in Nairobi, Kenya.
  7. Rooney has been vegan for more than eight years; her fiancé, Joaquin Phoenix, shares her views. Frozen yogurt is the actress’s favorite treatment.
  8. Many fashion experts praise the celebrity’s garment choices: whether she is wearing a tender peach dress or a bold crop top, showing her perfect abs, the woman looks gorgeous. Vampire makeup with red lips and pale skin tone is Mara’s trademark.
  9. In May 2019, the paparazzi spotted Rooney Mara wearing a ring with a big beautiful diamond. Although the rumors about her engagement to Joaquin Phoenix have not been confirmed yet, fans have no doubts the couple is going to marry soon.
  10. According to Phoenix, he did not get on well with his girlfriend at first and felt like she despised him when they were working on Her (2013). In fact, the actor misinterpreted Rooney’s shyness.

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