Top 3 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces in 2019

There is little emotional pleasure in divorces, and, above all, yesterday’s couples may have to meet vast expenses. Here are the top three celebrity divorces that cost a bundle in 2019.

1. Dick Wolf and Noelle Lippman

The 72-year-old producer known for the Law & Order project filed for separation from his wife after 12 years of marriage. Apparently, it was the first sign of the upcoming divorce. The producer, whose monthly earnings are estimated at $10-15 million actually detached his property.

According to Dick Wolf, there is a prenup. Noelle Lippman and her lawyer are going to claim spousal support; child support for two kids, aged eight and eleven, will be under discussion as well. The exact sums are not announced, though. “The lawyers for the parties are in the process of negotiations”, TMZ reports with reference to the producer’s lawyer, Joe Kibre.

2. Jack Osbourne and Lisa Stelly

The son of Ozzy Osbourne broke up with his wife, the actress Lisa Stelly, last spring; the proceedings finished on March 5, 2019. While court exempted Jack from regular spousal support, he had to make a nonrecurrent $1 billion payment to his ex. Besides, Lisa received the total ownership of her companies: Raddestmom, Fancy Sprinkles, Inc., and LLC.

Jack Osbourne seems to be an art lover: he kept his valuable collection of paintings including Banksy’s and Andy Arnold’s works. Overall, the art pieces cost is almost $350 000. Jack’s production companies are still in his property, too.

The ex-spouses have three children who stay with the mother; Jack will pay $7000 every month to support them.

3. Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Bezos

The billionaire creator of Amazon Jeff Bezos may have one of the most expensive divorces ever. The entrepreneur and his wife, the novelist MacKenzie Bezos, spent 25 years together and had four children. They announced their amicable break-up in January and totally surprised the community; many rumors about the divorce expenses ignited.

Bezos’s net worth is $137 billion which makes him the wealthiest person all over the world according to Bloomberg. The situation seems even more complicated as the prenup information is absent; if there is none, the Amazon CEO will have to pay a considerable sum of money.

Jeff Bezos is dating Lauren Sanchez, a TV journalist, who has also filed for divorce with the WME CEO Patrick Whitesell, Fox News reports.

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