Ariana Grande's Sexiest Stage Outfits

From the very beginning, the young singer chose an aggressively sexy image for herself - provocation outfits in sharp contrast with a pretty face and childish big eyes.

One of the first most memorable and sexy outfits of the grown-up star of the children's channel Nickelodeon, consisted of a checkered mini-skirt, white golf and a gray short topic. To an older audience, he recalled the image of the pop princess of the late 90s Britney Spears from her debut video "Baby One More Time".

Despite the fact that Ariana is very popular among teenagers in America and Asia, and is still little known in Europe, the girl is already showing the makings of a real diva.

Recently, Ariana Grande has showed a video of her sexy dance with the image of Barbie.

25-year-old Ariana Grande pleased fans with her live performances in New York. The singer began a world tour called Sweetener World Tour.

At a concert in The Times Union Center, the star appeared in a bright image: Ariana chose a pink bra, a tutu-skirt, a bolero with voluminous sleeves and boots.

Fans compared the actress with a Barbie doll. At the same time, Grande performed a bold and sexy dance at the bar with a microphone.

Ariana shared her impressions of the concert in social networks. “I am overwhelmed with incredible emotions! You know, usually I do not publish such videos, but now I could not resist. It was just awesome! Guys, I love you, thank you very much, see you soon, ”the girl said.

Previously, Ariana Grande became the woman with the highest number of followers on Instagram. She removed 26-year-old Selena Gomez from the throne.

Grande's popularity has increased due to a successful creativity. For the year, the singer has released two albums, and also took the top three lines of the Billboard chart. In addition, Ariana presented a video for the popular song Thank U, Next. She sang about ex-boyfriends parodying teen comedies.

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