Cheating Revealed: Prince William Betrayed Kate Middleton During Her Pregnancy

There is probably no other family which would be shrouded by such a huge amount of rumors as The British Royal family. As any event taking place in their royal world, Prince William’s and Kate Middleton’s life has been always actively discussed in various ways including imagining lots of things which never existed. However, as the proverb says, “There is no smoke without fire”. Recently absolutely shocking news has been spread – suspicions about William’s cheating were confirmed. What is this story about, what are protagonists’ opinions and what result did it obtain?

The rumors of such kind started over a year before Kate gave birth to Prince Louis in April 2018. “There are rumors that William might be involved in an affair and cheat on Kate with their friend Rose Hanbury while Kate was pregnant” – this information was presented by the Palace insider. It could be easily treated as a lie if Kate immediately after hearing it, hadn’t cut all ties with Rose.

As it is widely known, Rose Hanbury is Kate Middleton’s “longtime friend”. Together they are frequently getting for weddings, dinner parties, playdates, etc. Moreover, Prince William is friends with Hanbury’s husband, David Rocksavage. This makes doubtful the fact that Kate could easily want Rose to “phase out”.

Anyway, it looks like all this earth-shattering story about spoiled friendship is not more than just a gossip. Thus in Daily Mail, popular British newspaper, it was reported by Richard Kay that he has been told that “rumors of a falling out” between two ladies are “false.” He exposed all the rumors about Kate and Rose to be non-proved because of the absence of any evidence. Kay also posits that the two couples aren’t even that much close, and have visited each others’ homes just about three times. So it is obvious that more likely the situation can be associated with another wise proverb: “Gossiping and lying go hand in hand”.

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