Emma Bunton

Name: Emma Bunton ( Emma Lee Bunton )
Born: January 21, 1976
Age: 47 years old
Height: 5 Feet 2 Inches
Occupation: Singer-songwriter
Relationship Status: engaged
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  • Horoscope: Aquarius
  • Net worth: $40 000 000
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    Emma Bunton: biography

    A famous English pop-singer, actress and TV host gained worldwide popularity performing as a member of girls band Spice Girls. She was named Baby Spice in this band because the singer was the youngest among other band members.

    Childhood and youth

    She appeared on the Earth in the north part of England, Finchley, but soon all her family moved to the neighborhoods of the British capital. She was raised in a catholic family, her parents are ordinary people, her mother was a karate teacher, and her father worked at a milk factory. Her mother had a significant influence on the girl who became the owner of the black belt in karate. There was another child in this family, Emma’s younger brother Paul.

    Emma Bunton
    Emma Bunton

    As a girl, Emma had a passion for performing arts and enjoyed wearing bright clothes of her mother. At the age of three, the girl took part in a beauty contest where she got first place. Commercial agents who proposed her work spotted her. The girl became a face of toothpaste and construction company.

    As to education, Emma studied at a catholic school and performing arts studio. When she was 11 her parents divorced, her mother had money trouble and couldn’t pay for her education as an actress. She was excluded from the studio but some moths later the official representative of the school proposed her to study for free and pay her scholarship. She had an evident talent, and the school decided to help Emma.

    Emma Bunton
    Emma Bunton

    When she was 16, she studied at a college, appeared in commercials, worked as a model. She had one feature role in the serial EastEnders.

    Music career

    Her music career started in the worldwide famous band Spice Girls. As a member of this group, Emma got a long experience as a vocalist and TV personality. 1994-2000s was frolicking years for Emma; she and the band appeared on TV shows and became one of the most demanding artists.

    In 2000s Emma began her solo career.

    Emma Bunton
    Emma Bunton

    Spice Girls

    In 1994 the girl accidentally learned about casting in a new girl’s band and decided to take part in it. A beautiful blonde liked producers and was immediately included in the band’s staff. The bandmembers called her Baby Spice for hey young age, short height, long pigtails, and naïve smile. Besides, she dressed as a doll.

    During two years, the bandmembers had been working hard on their vocal and dancing skills and learned songs. Their first song became an absolute hit which became famous all around the world. Next three months became incredibly commercially successful. The girls were the most demanding singers, and the band never went away from the screen. Their songs were on the top of charts and records simultaneously became platinum.

    Emma Bunton with Spice Girls band
    Emma Bunton with Spice Girls band

    In 1999 Emma appeared on her TV show on VH1. The band split in the 2000s and each girl started her solo career.

    Solo career

    She started her solo career from the debut song Free Up Your Mind. Her first album was popular enough, especially in Britain but hadn’t met producer’s expectations. Emma released her the second album with other company and was more commercially successful but disappointed Emma’s fans. Het third album was released in 2006 and was a total loss. In 2007 bandmembers of Spice Girls decided to do a farewell tour around the world. Their concerts became tremendously successful. After ending of her musical career, Emma devoted herself TV, she is a TV and radio host and contestant in popular music and dancing TV contests.


    She is a UNICEF UL Ambassador, Emma fights with child’s malnutrition and supports various campaign aiming to give babies the best starts in life. She and her partners have helped to eliminate maternal and newborn tetanus in ten of the world’s poorest countries through the ‘1 pack = 1 Vaccine’ campaign. She proved to be a brilliant spokesperson for the campaign, encouraging parents to buy Pampers products in return for life-saving tetanus vaccines to help protect mothers and their babies.

    Emma Bunton
    Emma Bunton

    Personal life

    Emma had several whirlwind romances. She dated a footballer Rio Ferdinand and has a long relationship with Jade Jones. Emma and Jones have two children, both sons. The grandfather of her first son is Prince William, who is a good friend of Emma. The couple has been engaged for eight years. In 2019 she announced that the twosome is going to marry.

    Emma appeared on the popular show of Howard Stern, where she shared spicy details of her personal life. Emma told that she lost virginity at 16, and her friend Mel B presented her a dildo which Emma used.

    Emma Bunton with Jade Jones
    Emma Bunton with Jade Jones

    Net worth

    Being a highly professionally and demanded the singer earned an impressive amount of money. Her primary source of income is her career as a singer, songwriter, model, TV personality. Besides, in 2011 she collaborated with a British retailer and launched a series of children wear lines. She is active on social networks with millions of subscribers. And she can earn about $2000 or $3000 per commercial post on her Instagram. Emma has a million-dollar mansion and collection of expensive cars.

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