3 Most Expressive Johnny Depp's Roles

Johnny Depp is one of the biggest Holywood actor, who was nominated for ten Golden Globe Awards and three Academy Awards for Best Actor, among other accolades. He has so many thrilling and unforgotten roles that every spectator has his own list of best Depp's performances. We prepared 3 most expressive roles that made him popular and universally recognized.

Captain Jack Sparrow

His comic performance as pirate Captain Jack Sparrow is at his very best as the actor really enjoyed what he did. The actor generally prefers interesting roles to those that bring him commercial success. That is why some critics describe his characters as "iconic loners". But Pirates of Carribean turned out to be both exciting and commercially successful to him. The Holywood actor confesses that the role of the pirate is definitely a big part of himself. He draws inspiration from the image of guitarist Keith Richards and cartoon skunk Pepé Le Pew.

"In the original screenplay Captain Jack was written as a swashbuckler, a pirate who swings in, sort of fights a little bit and then swings out, grabs a girl and that’s it. I had different ideas for him. This sounds weird but Captain Jack was born in a sauna. My sauna. I was looking at various aspects of the character and I figured this guy has been on the high seas for the majority of his life and therefore has dealt with inescapable heat to the brain.
So I cranked the sauna up to about 1000 degrees and sat in there as long as I could until it started to affect me mentally. It was very, very hot, as was my brain. While you’re in there in that kind of heat you can’t stand still, but the worst of it is if you move, it kills you. So that gave me the idea that his brain has been par-boiled to some degree. Also in terms of his body language, I felt that when he was on the ship he would be fine as the ship would be bounding away. He would have sea legs, but when he gets on land he cannot get land legs. He would be looking wobbly and Disney disagreed".

Edward Scissorhands

This picture is a perfect example of what can be when the visionary director meets an extraordinary actor. It brought Depp a big critical and commercial success. By the way, Edward Scissorhands was based on the scriptwriter's dog. Director Tim Burton had hardly seen any of Johnny Depp's previous work (he was known at the time for his role in TV series 21 Jump Street), but cast him because he was impressed with Depp's “ability to act with his eyes".

This movie is the finest collaboration with longtime friend and colleague Tim Burton. Depp and Burton enjoy exploring unusual people tossed into seemingly normal situations. The plot explains why the alleged "freak" is far more normal than the standard folks who surround him. Producer Scott Rudin gave an interesting comment about their collaboration, "basically Johnny Depp is playing Tim Burton in all his movies", and Johnny agreed with him.

Gellert Grindelwald

It seems that Depp's fans and fans of Harry Potter can be one people due to several reasons. The universal of J. K. Rowling is strange, full of magic and sometimes freaky. Johnny may feel rather cozy in the world of Fantastic Beasts playing the role of villain Gellert Grindelwald.

"I found the character fascinating and complex. My instinct reaction is he was like a human version of Finnegans Wake: James Joyce’s novel begins and ends in the middle of a sentence. You come in in mid-thought and then it’s a very confusing ride".

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