10 Humorous Facts About Adam Sandler

We collected 10 humorous facts about one of the most famous comedians – Adam Sandler. Let's see if his real life differs from his funny movie roles.

Adam Sandler | independent.co.uk
Adam Sandler | independent.co.uk

1. Motivation from the father

Adam's father was not a comedian, he was just an electrical engineer. But according to Sandler, his father was his big friend, and it was he who influenced Adam to become a comedian. He has said that his father had a bad temper sometimes, and Adam made jokes to calm him down.

2. First performances

Adam started performing as a stand-up comedian when he was 17. Of course, he was not so confident as now. There are clips online of a younger actor telling jokes in front of small audiences. Besides, Adam had a nickname, Sandman.

3. Acting roles

One of his first roles was Smitty on The Cosby Show. Adam's first movie was Going Overboard. He was offered a part of a struggling stand-up comic on a cruise ship that ends up getting attacked by terrorists. The movie was named failing. However, after appearing in it, Adam became more popular.

4. The worst movie

One of the most hilarious roles that Adam has had is the part in the movie Jack and Jill. It is a 2011 American comedy movie directed by Dennis Dugan. Adam starred in a dual role, playing two fraternal twins. This movie was named to be one of the worst films ever made, although it's funny!

5. Meeting his wife

Adam first met his wife Jackie Titone, who is a famous actress and model, on the set of the movie Big Daddy. Rob Schneider, with whom Adam worked, introduced Jackie to Sandler while he was casting for the movie, and Adam decided to offer her a role. They fell in love with each other and married in 2003.

6. Being fired

Adam made numerous performances at comedy clubs in LA. On one of his shows, he was noted by comedian Dennis Miller. After that, he got a writing job on a show Saturday Night Live. But in 1995, NBC fired Adam from the show. Luckily for Adam, he went on to film success, so as a result, it was good for him.

7. His own company

Adam owns a film production company called Happy Madison Productions. The title was made from two words: “The Happy” is from the movie Happy Gilmore and “the Madison” is from Billy Madison. The company has produced most of his films since 1999. The first comedy film that was filmed by Happy Madison Productions was Rob Schneider’s Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo. In this movie, the actor Rob Schneider has to become a male prostitute in order to buy a fish.

8. Real jokes

In the movie Billy Madison, the actor couldn't separate a joke and a real life for a moment. In one of the scenes, he decided to actually hit his fellow child actors with dodgeballs, instead of pretending. There are rumors that one of the kids even started crying a little bit. The kid's parents became angry, but the actor explained that it was a movie, and it was his role. Of course, he was not serious and didn't want to offend anybody.

9. Ratings

Many movies that were produced by Adam's company were not successful. Many of them received negative reviews. But the actor didn't want to give up: he continued making movies which got high ratings later. For example, despite scoring 10 percent and seven percent respectively, movies Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2 still combined for roughly $517 million at the box office.

10. Fame

Before the actor became famous, he shared one flat with an American moviemaker Judd Apatow. According to Adam, he slept on a mattress with no sheets. However, after hard work, the artist became one of the most famous actors in the film industry. He got so famous that he was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2011.

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