10 Fresh Facts About Rami Malek

After Mr. Robot and Bohemian Rhapsody, there seems to be no one who hasn't heard of Rami Malek's name. Let's look at ten fresh facts about our favorite Rami Malek.

Rami Malek | harpersbazaar.com
Rami Malek | harpersbazaar.com

1. Rami Malek is playing a villain in the new James Bond movie.

This year the new James Bond movie No Time to Die stars Rami Malek, who is bound to bring something new to the project.

2. Malek has become the new Bond Girl after kissing Daniel Craig.

According to the actor, on the set of the new James Bond movie mentioned above, Daniel Craig kissed Rami. Taken aback, Malek asked in astonishment: “Does it mean that now I am a Bond Girl?”

3. Rami Malek is finally playing a good guy.

After finishing his work playing a villain on No Time to Die, Rami Malek was caught on camera on the set of Little Things. Rami is going to play a police detective in the serial killer thriller.

4. With fame, Malek got a side-effect of having no time.

Mr. Robot, his breakthrough project, was followed by the ingenious acting on Bohemian Rhapsody and then on the movies Dolittle and No Time to Die, which are going to come out the upcoming year. Then Rami Malek instantly jumped into a new project, The Little Things. It seems that the guy never goes on vacation anymore, we hope that he at least enjoys his work.

5. Rami Malek is going to be in the remake of the movie about Dr. Dolittle.

Dr. Dolittle is coming back next year, and Rami Malek is going to be alongside Robert Downey Jr. Rami is playing Chee-Chee, a nervous but kind-hearted gorilla.

6. Rami says that the sequel to Bohemian Rhapsody is possible.

In various interviews, Rami gets asked the question: “Is there going to be a sequel to Bohemian Rhapsody?” Rami never denies this possibility.

7. Rami Malek and Lucy Boynton have recently celebrated their 2nd anniversary.

Recently, Rami Malek and his colleague on Bohemian Rhapsody Lucy Boynton ave been spotted together on a basketball match in LA. This union is, for sure, one of the power-couples of Hollywood.

8. Rami Malek was reunited with his Twilight colleague Robert Pattinson.

Malek played the role of an Egyptian Vampire in the last part of the Vampire Saga together with Robert Pattinson. Fans were full of admiration when they saw two of their favorite actors together on the red carpet of GO Campaign gala.

9. Rami is looking for a place to rent in London.

Rumor has it that Rami Malek is looking for a place to rent in the capital of Great Britain.

10. Rami Malek says starring in BoJack Horseman was fantastic.

With BoJack Horseman rolling its last season on Netflix, Rami admitted that working on the show was one of the most exciting experiences he had ever had. Rami played Flip McVicker, a screenwriter.

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