Looking Forward To Big Little Lies Season 2

This series was highly well-received by audience and critics and took several prestigious awards. And now all fans will get 2nd season at last. Let’s find out some up-to-date information about it.

Some history Big Little Lies is a dramatic serial by HBO, which is based on the novel of Liane Moriarty’s best-seller. Basically this serial was planned as limited episodes, but audience’s love and critics’ recognition prolong it on the 2nd season. The large list of award includes 8 awards by Primetime Emmy.

When wait new episode?

We won’t hold it in store and say: new episode of Big Little Lies will be on 9th of June. Season 2 consists of 7 episodes.

About new season

Next season of popular serial is going to be bigger and even more eventful according to the first published trailer of 2nd season.

About cast

The main and already well-received characters are coming back. Also the world of incredible women will be joined by Oscar-winner actress: Meryl Streep’ll play Mary Louise Wright, the mother of Alexander Skårsgard’s character Perry Wright. Louise Wright is going to discover a veil of shocking death of her son in the final episode of 1st season. The cast also is forced by Douglas Smith, Crystal Fox, Mo McRae, and Denis O’Hare.

About plot

Following season will be devoted to already underlined in season 1 problems of women with family - marriage, friendship, parenting and...lie. How durable things sometimes cracks and what shall we do with it.

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