Meghan Markle may give childbirth at home

The first baby of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be born soon. The royal couple didn’t announce the date, the only known is that it will be this spring. As the deadline approaches Meghan starts to behave more daring and unpredictable.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, has a habit of breaking royal traditions, which have been inviolable before her appearance in the royal family. Last week she grieved the British with reluctance to be photographed with newborn baby on the porch of the hospital, in which this event will happen. Such action will break down the tradition that was set by Diana, Princess of Wales. Meghan explains her choice so that finds such a tradition incorrect, she does not want to become an object of discussion for all world media and wants to focus on baby.

While people tried to put up, Duchess of Sussex said that her baby would be born at home. Moreover, she is not going to invite the royal obstetricians to her childbirth because all of them are men. She said that she would feel herself uncomfortable. Meghan doesn’t care that they are among the best world specialists, who also helped Kate Middleton to deliver the babies. However according to royal protocol Meghan can’t stay without doctors completely, so they will wait for her nearby to help in case of need.

Queen Elizabeth II approves the Meghan’s decision as she also gave birth to her four children in Buckingham Palace or Clarence House. It can be a good start for the return of the old royal tradition. Meghan and Harry think do to it in Frogmore House in Windsor, where they moved a week ago.

Meghan does not exclude that she will have to give birth at the hospital if she needs a cesarean operation or childbirth starts untimely. It is very popular situation among the women who give birth for the first time after they are 35. But Meghan does yoga regularly and feels great about delivering the baby at home. She is going to give birth in a warm bath, using special machine, which helps to reduce pain. Also, Meghan learns relaxation techniques with her own team of doctors.

According to royal biographer Penny Junor people must understand Meghan’s desire: “It must be pretty stressful to be in labor, let alone knowing that the eyes of the world are waiting and watching the door for you to come out,” Junor notes. “If you can have a private birth with just the father or the doula, it's more relaxed and you can enjoy the moment

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