TOP 5 Most Fashionable Celebrities' Kids

We all love to watch how fashion changes. But at the same time, the level of competition among celebrities is increasing. Stars of show business want to stylishly dress not only themselves, but also their young children. What will lead their desire to be in the spotlight?

1. Suri Cruise

When Suri Cruise was just born, designer blankets and pillows were waiting for her at home. From early childhood, Suri Cruise walks exclusively in dresses and sundresses, less often the baby can be seen in skirts and tops. In an interview, her father shared that she could not be forced to wear pants, even in cold weather.

2. Flynn Bloom

Flynn Bloom is a son of the actor Orlando Bloom and model Miranda Kerr.

Just like dad, Flynn often wears jackets, double-breasted coats and all sorts of hats and caps.

Multicolored jeans and sports pans - are best suited to this cheerful kid. As for shoes, here Flynn imitates his father: in the winter he wears uggs and classic shoes, in the summer - bright and colorful sneakers.

3. North West

Daughter of one of the most popular women in the world - Kim Kardashian conquers the hearts of fans.

A little fashionista in everything imitates her father, Kanye West, as well as he, she wears a sporty top with a gold chain around her neck.Like orth's mother, Kim Kardashian, the daughter likes to stand out from the crowd, and shock the fans.

Kim seriously intends to turn her daughter into the youngest style icon.

4. Blue Ivy Carter

Perhaps only Blue Ivy can compete with North West for the title of the most stylish child of show business stars.The daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z from the cradle is surrounded by luxury. This child loves clothes from Gucci and is actively involved in making fashionable and modern outfits. The photos show that the baby prefers leather jackets, jeans with stripes and sneakers.

This is strange, because it is not at all in the style of her mother.

5. Harper Seven Beckham

Harper is crazy about fashion and loves to try on clothes. It is not surprising that in the wardrobe of a young fashionable girl you can find things from the latest collections, because her mother is a designer. This girl can easily compete with any fashionista.

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