10 Interesting Facts About Personal Life Of Julia Roberts

We collected 10 facts which will open up the secrets about the private life of Julia Roberts - one of the most prominent actresses in Hollywood, who is famous for her charming smile!

Julia Roberts | ctvnews.ca
Julia Roberts | ctvnews.ca

1. Childhood

In the early years, the girl had no clue what profession she wanted to have in the future. In the interview, she told the reporters that in her childhood, she had a dream of becoming a veterinarian. In her free time, she was engaged in music and played clarinet in the school band.

2. Parents

Speaking of Julia's parents, they married in 1955, but her mother filed for divorce in 1971. From 1972, the family lived in Smyrna, Georgia, where Julia changed three schools. There, her mother married an abusive and an unemployed man, whom Roberts despised. Later her mom admitted that it was the biggest mistake of her life.

3. Career start

Julia studied journalism at Georgia State University, but she didn't complete her education. Having problems in the family, she decided to move to New York City and start a career as an actress. The young woman signed a contract with the Click Modeling Agency and began attending acting classes.

4. First roles

Julia made her debut on the television series Crime Story which was released in 1986-1988. In 1987, she was offered a role in the movie Satisfaction. Although the movie didn't receive a positive response, she found her first love – an actor Liam Neeson, who was starring with her.

5. Other romances

The two broke up a year later, maybe, because of the big difference in age. After that, Julia started dating Dylan McDermott, her Steel Magnolias co-star. In 1992, she had another romance with Kiefer Sutherland, also a famous actor. Their relationship didn't last long, however.

6. Husband and family

The beautiful actress was notorious for her celebrity romances. She met her present husband, cameraman Daniel Moder, on the set of her movie The Mexican in 2000. The duo had a wedding in July, 2002, at Julia's ranch in Taos, New Mexico. Now the happy couple has three children together.

7. Acting debut

Julia became known worldwide in 1990 when she co-starred with Richard Gere in Pretty Woman. The role earned her a second Oscar award; she was named the Best Actress and became one of the highest-paid actresses in the entire world.

8. Charity work

After gaining her fame as an actress, Julia started to sponsor numerous organizations that needed help and finances. In 1995, she spent time in Port-au-Prince, where she educated herself. Julia was shocked to see the poverty while traveling. The actress also took part in a short movie to raise awareness about climate change.

9. Religion

In 2010, the actress spoke about her religious beliefs. Julia believes in and practices Hinduism. She says that it really helps her to calm down and be grateful for what she has. In September 2009, her children were given new names after Hindu gods.

10. Appearance

Many people became amazed by her charming smile and attractive figure. The actress is 5 ft 8 in tall. At the age of 22, Julia was named one of the Most Beautiful Women, according to People Magazine.

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