Top 10 Richest American Models in 2019

This ranking highlights highly demanded American models who made dizzying career on cover and screen. These models are occured to be talented and smart not only in fashion-industry, but also in business as founders and owners of prospering companies, other women has an advantageous marriage. Let’s see models who took their lucky tickets and become the richest and independent women in 2019.

Kim Basinger

Kim is an American former model and actress can boast of 38 feature films, 5 TV-movies, 9 television series and net worth about $40 million.

Sale Johnson

Sale Johnson is an ex-model was born in a wealthy family in Saint Louis, she succeeded in career and also married billionaire Woody Johnson, as a result her net worth is more than $100 million.

Lydia Hearst-Shaw

Lydia is a model from Connecticut didn’t contemplate about career in fashion-industry, she was admitted to Sacred Heart University on communication and technology faculty, but by a whim of fate Lydia broke to fashion. She worked with a great number of the most popular magazines and gather a fortune about $100 million.

Cindy Crawford

By the age of 17 Cindy has become elite and demanded model, she has a dizzying successful career, which helps her to become the owner of huge fortune ($100 million).

Juanita Jordan

Jordan many years successfully worked in fashion-industry and has impressive fortune: $170 million.

Paris Hilton

Paris opens Top-5 richest women in States from fashion-industry, and rates here are rising. Paris is not only model, she also succeeded as designer, actress, reality star and finally as smart business women. She is an owner of shoe line, perfumes, movie royalties and so on. Backbreaking work helps her to gather impressive fortune – more than $300 million.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie is another American model is highly popular media-personality and owner of cosmetics company. Her net worth is about $300 million.

Rande Gerber

Rande is a former model decided not to stop and became owner of nightlife companies and this fact helped him to catch the 7th place in this top. Gerber’s fortune is about $350 million.

Kim Kardashian

This lady is extremely demanded and popular, her first step in media-industry is connected with taking part in reality show. Since then model has become real star and entrepreneur. Kim's net worth is $350 million.

Kathy Ireland

Like other wealthy models, Kathy has a great business – brand company. Her fortune in 2019 raise to $360 million.

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