Ashley Benson

photo Ashley Benson
Name: Ashley Benson ( Ashley Victoria Benson )
Born: December 18, 1989
Age: 34 years old
Birthplace: Long Beach, USA
Height: 5 Feet 4 Inches
Occupation: actress, model
Tags: actress, model
Relationship Status: single
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  • Horoscope: Sagittarius
  • Net worth: $6 000 000
  • Ethnicity: Mixed(English, German, Irish, and Danish)
  • Nationality: American
  • Fathers name: Jeff Benson
  • Mothers name: Shannon Harte
  • Education: Orange County School of the Arts
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Eye color: Blue
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    Ashley Benson: biography

    The actress Ashley Benson, she had success after the release of the first season of the series Pretty Little Liars, she thinks that the brunette`s life is funnier than blonde`s life. The blonde beauty claims that she does not change her hair color only because of the media image. But it is the only concession to the rules of Hollywood. The girl says frankly that the screen appearance is impossible in real life; she does not think about plastic and laughs at the idea of walking on high heels.

    Childhood and youth

    Ashley Victoria Benson was born on December 18, 1989 (her zodiac sign is Sagittarius) in Long Beach, which is located in sunny California. The independent character of the girl was seen in the first minutes of her life. Ashley was born two months earlier. The doctors were sure that the baby would not survive because her weight was 2 lbs (1 kg) but the future biography of the actress turned out to be well. The girl was transferred from the intensive care to an ordinary ward after a while.

    Ashley Benson with her father
    Ashley Benson with her father

    Her parents gave Ashley in a dance club when she was three years old, which was visited by the girl's elder sister Shaylene (now the girl is in the team of cheerleaders "Los Angeles Lakers"). Later, Ashley began to attend vocal lessons and perform in the church choir along with Shaylene.

    The girl already knew that she would become an actress as a child. Ashley signed a contract with the model agency "Ford Models" and starred in advertising dolls "Barbie" at the age of 8. Her attractive appearance provided the aspiring actress with work in front of the movie theater and camera.

    Ashley has German, Irish and English roots. Therefore, the girl does not consider herself to one particular nationality.


    Ashley began to receive her first roles in feature movies at the age of 15. Constant auditions, meetings with directors and growing portfolio gradually brought results. By the way, Benson met another rising star, Lucy Hale at one of the auditions. The girls found a common language quickly and are close friends for many years.

    Ashley Benson and Lucy Hale
    Ashley Benson and Lucy Hale

    In 2004, the TV star signed a contract with the producers of the series Days of our Lives. The cooperation was supposed to last three years. The actress had no right to appear in other series. Ashley was so tired of the rigid framework of the contract that she did not renew the contract and left the serial movie.

    In 2008, Benson was invited to an episodic role in the popular TV series Supernatural. The movie star appears before the audience in the image of a bloodthirsty cheerleader in the story. But it was useful to the TV star her dance classes during the filming of the tape Bring It On: In It to Win It. The tape became the fourth part of the popular franchise and glorified the name of the aspiring actress.

    Ashley Benson in the TV series Supernatural
    Ashley Benson in the TV series Supernatural

    The successful role brought Ashley not only her recognition but also fixed her certain stereotypical image for the girl. The TV star was invited to the drama Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal, where she again showed her capabilities in the field of sports acrobatics the same year.

    In 2009, Benson tried to change roles and agreed to a role in the TV series Eastwick. But the tape was closed after the first season because of the low ratings.

    Ashley Benson in the TV series Pretty Little Liars
    Ashley Benson in the TV series Pretty Little Liars

    In 2010, Ashley, who admitted in an interview that she wants to get away from the usual way, was invited to a casting in the series Pretty Little Liars. The girl was offered to play a heroine, who was able to lose weight but did not stop feeling insecure.

    The series lasted for seven seasons and brought the actress worldwide fame. In addition to exciting work, Ashley made a lot of friends thanks to this series. Lucy Hale, with whom Benson did not interrupt communication with 15 years, as well as Shay Mitchell, who became a close friend of Ashley worked on the set together with the girl.

    Ashley Benson in the tape Bring it on
    Ashley Benson in the tape Bring it on

    In 2012, the actress again showed her firmness and perseverance on the way to the dream during her vacation. The girl learned about the filming of the comedy Spring Breakers but could not get to the casting. The TV star asked for help to Selena Gomez, who was already approved for one of the main roles. The singer recommended the director of the movie to pay attention to Benson. As a result, the charming blonde got the desired role.

    Ashley's became more popular in the next few years. The ratings of the series Pretty Little Liars continued to grow. The fee of the young TV star allowed her to get her house. The TV star bought the mansion of Kylie Minogue for $2 million.

    Ashley Benson in the TV series How I Met Your Mother
    Ashley Benson in the TV series How I Met Your Mother

    However, Benson faced with the unpleasant side of fame, in addition to money and fame. In 2014, the police arrested one of the guards of the set of Pretty Little Liars. The man decided that the little TV star (the height of the girl is 5,3 feet (1,62 m) and weight 119 lbs (54 kg)) gives him signs of attention and he began to pursue the actress. Fortunately, the man didn't have time to hurt Ashley.

    In addition to works in movies and TV series, the girl periodically participates in the creation of clips. In total Ashley has five video works for "Lil' Romeo," "Hot Chelle Rae" and "Puddle of Mudd."

    Ashley Benson without makeup
    Ashley Benson without makeup

    Ashley criticized posters, announcing the release of the next season of her famous series on Twitter and other social networks. Benson said that she does not look like herself and does not look attractive.

    In 2017, the tape stars, who performed the main roles in the series Pretty Little Liars spent made a tattoo on their index fingers in memory of the days on the set. Now Ashley has a tattoo with a small letter "H" (the heroine of the girl is Hanna).

    Personal life

    There were rumors that the girl began dating her colleague Taylor Lautner but the young people denied their affair, arguing that there is only friendship between them.

    But the TV star did not hide her relationship with the producer, stylist and close friend of Justin Bieber, Ryan Good. Young people spent a lot of time together, the paparazzi often saw them together. In 2012, Ashley met James Franco on the set of Spring Breakers.

    Ashley Benson and James Franco
    Ashley Benson and James Franco

    The girl broke up with her boyfriend for the actor, who is older than Benson for 12 years. The official reason for their break up is Ashley works too hard to spend time with her lover.

    The new couple hid their relationship from the public. Both artists told reporters that they were not in love but the pictures from the dates of young people were too eloquent. When it was known about their affair, Ashley and James split up.

    Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn
    Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn

    In 2013, the actress, who was tired of constant gossip, said that she planned to devote time to herself and not to enter into a relationship. Fans did not believe the TV star and began to seek out something intimate in the friendship of Ashley with Tyler Blackburn (the screen guy in the series). But the actors had only a friendly relationship.

    Ashley Benson and Ryan Good
    Ashley Benson and Ryan Good

    Benson was seen again with Ryan Good at the end of that year. The relationship of young people resumed with the former passion, which the couple did not hesitate to show in public. Fans awaited their engagement when there were rumors that the actress was pregnant. But the information turned out to be false. The children are not included in the plans of Benson. In 2014, young people announced that they broke up. The reason again was the lack of free time.

    Ashley Benson now

    March in 2018 began for fans of the actress with good news. Ashley said on «Instagram» that she agreed to star in an independent movie called Her Smell. The tape tells the story of the fate of a rock star, addicted to drugs and alcohol. What kind of image in the movie will embody Ashley is still unknown. Ashley Benson has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

    Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson
    Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson

    In June, there was shocking news in the newspapers of New York. The actress had a new affair. The beloved of Benson was Cara Delevingne this time. There were joint photos of the girls in the tabloids, resting in a restaurant and walking near the hotel.


    • 2002 – The West Wing
    • 2004 – 2007 – Days of our Lives
    • 2006 – Lonely Hearts
    • 2007 – Bring It On: In It to Win It
    • 2008 – Supernatural
    • 2010 – 2017 – Pretty Little Liars
    • 2013 – How I Met Your Mother
    • 2013 – Spring Breakers
    • 2015 – Ratter
    • 2015 – Pixels
    • 2016 – Chronically Metropolitan
    • 2019 – Her Smell

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