5 Hollywood Celebrities Suffering From Depression

Depression knows no titles: it just happens to people, no matter who they are. Talking about mental disorders is not easy, yet those who dare to reveal their experience shed light for thousands, especially when they are stars who can influence public opinions. Here are five Hollywood celebrities who disclosed their depression struggle.

1. Cara Delevingne

The model used to have depression as a teenager: the privileged background and money did not save the girl from being suicidal. In 2017, The Edit magazine published an interview with Delevingne where she talked about the school grades that made her feel miserable, as well as detachment from peers and lack of support. As the woman revealed, acting became a life buoy for her that opened new horizons and helped see things in a different way.

2. Wayne Brady

As it turned out, the comedian talent is not a panacea from depression. In 2014, the Let’s Make a Deal star told Entertainment Tonight the truth about his behind-the-scenes condition. Following the death of Robin Williams, Brady emphasized the importance of talking about depression openly. It cost the artist a painful divorce in 2006 and eight years of lone struggle before he realized he needed help; he hoped his words would reach those who found themselves in a similar situation.

3. Ellen DeGeneres

The TV host confessed about her mental struggles at the end of 2018. Coming out was pretty harsh for her, up to the point when DeGeneres had no show, business, or agent and saw no perspectives. Fortunately, meditation, psychotherapy sessions, and medication did their job; today, Ellen’s example proves that anything is possible unless a person gives up.

4. Michelle Williams

Williams first spoke about her depression in 2017 in relation to Destiny's Child. Summer 2018 was challenging for the singer: the Coachella show and upcoming wedding not only stressed her out but pierced much deeper, so that the artist had to seek professional help. Today, she seems fine and works on new projects; the drama series American Soul starring her will be released soon.

5. Jim Carrey

While the comedy genius makes people rock with laughter, his life has been something less cheerful. The actor talked about his issues in 2009 first. Jim Carrey was diagnosed with depression and ADHD and underwent a treatment course; according to Independent, it was effective, and the man has fully recovered.

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