5 Celebrities Who Are Shopaholics

Shopping is the best antidepressant in difficult times. If you are a celebrity, and stresses and paparazzi chase you every day, shopping is the surest recipe for improving mood. Millions of fees must be spent somewhere. That is why, probably, some stars appear in stores more often than on the set or in the recording studio.

What luxury brands do celebrities have in their large wardrobes? What shoes do they prefer? Which of the stars no longer imagine their lives without daily shopping with their golden credit card? Let’s reveal the secrets of the shopaholic stars and count the astronomical sums that they spend for shopping.

5. Victoria Beckham

The famous designer doesn’t deny her dependence. In interviews Victoria admits that she couldn’t do anything with herself when she saw a thing which she likes, she buys it in several colors at once. She confirms that she is a shopaholic and would like to go shopping every day. Victoria’s record amount of spending is $150,000 a day, and her favorite fashion fetish is the famous Hermes Birkin bag. Victoria has more than a hundred such bags - from classic models to collection ones. The price of such a bag starts from $4,000. Moreover, in the first year of marriage with David Beckham, Victoria spent $ 16 million on purchases.

Victoria Beckham loves stylish outfits | Instagram

4. Jennifer Lopez

The main expense items in the budget of J.Lo are Christian Louboutin shoes. Lopez is a fan of the French brand and she likes it so much that even dedicated a song to it. In total, Jennifer has 70 pairs of shoes with the famous red sole. There are also some pairs that the designer of the brand has developed especially for her. Jennifer admits: “Yes, I’m probably a shopaholic, but I’m not going to seek help from specialists and I don’t consider it a disease.” She also admits that she carefully chooses what to buy: “I buy clothes that look feminine and liked by men, and most of all I love sexy underwear.”

J. Lo is looking gorgeous | Instagram

3. Paris Hilton

Diamonds are the main weakness of Paris. She has her own vast collection of expensive jewelry at home, which she bought herself or received as gifts from friends and fans. The other objects of Hilton's adoration are different hair ornaments. She has more than a hundred of them, and Paris loves both expensive headbands from Chanel and inexpensive little-known alternatives. Paris explores all of the local boutiques in every city, which she visits. Hilton says that her favorite brand is Chanel. That’s why she has more than 20 Chanel bags 2.55 in her collection.

Paris is stunning in her outfits | Instagram

2. Elton John

Not only women like going shopping. Elton buys exclusive clothes by famous designers, all kinds of glasses and other fashionable things. As a real shopaholic, he does not count the money and spends it with joy. There are gossips that over the past two years Elton John has spent about $ 32 million on sunglasses and clothes.

Elton John cares about his style | Instagram

1. Katie Holmes

Katie, the modest Hollywood actress, is the leader of our list of shopaholics. Her husband Tom Cruise noticed the first signs of trouble after Katie’s educational conversation with her bosom friend Victoria Beckham. Holmes immediately started to buy different colored Hermes Birkin bags for herself and expensive clothes for her daughter Suri.

Tom Cruise complained to journalists: “She doesn’t do anything except shopping, and for one trip she can leave $200,000 in shops”. So, they calculated that while Cruise was sweating while filming a new blockbuster, in 6 months Katie Holmes spent at least 10 million dollars. It’s not bad for a beginner.

Katie Holmes looks cute in casual style | Insgtagram

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